Fall 2016 Issue

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Ed Bosveld, our 2016 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient, is a dedicated advocate for at-risk communities, locally and globally.
In the last century, chemistry has made our lives better—and worse. Given that, what does it mean to be a Christian and a chemist?
Students’ grant application leads to positive community action
Chiropractor and entrepreneur Irma Van Andel '10 celebrates creation through kinesiology
Redeemer faculty bring Christian influence to bear on sexual violence on campus, apocalyptic literature, and pollution in local watersheds
Redeemer community commemorates founding president Rev. Henry De Bolster
Familiarize yourself with these four new faces that we are welcoming to Redeemer this fall!
Alumnus Hank de Jong establishes EduDeo Campus 621 in the heart of Hamilton’s neighbourhood revitalization
The Core has been honed to prepare students to thrive in a rapidly changing world
Dr. Lindsey Short is exploring how experience shapes our impressions of the hundreds of faces we see every day
Redeemer integrates faith and learning—that has always made us unique. With the 2020 plan, we're confidently moving forward while staying true to the heart of who we are.
In memory of Leila Vos (née Salzer), who passed away following a short battle with cancer.
Students contribute to making history accessible on the web

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