Spring 2017 Issue

Stories abound at Redeemer. In the Spring 2017 issue, we focus in on the stories of teacher education program alumni.
Beth Van Lingen / March 11, 2017
A message from Redeemer's interim President.
Dan Galenkamp / March 11, 2017
While remaining rooted in the Reformed Christian tradition through a Christ-centred liberal arts and sciences education, Redeemer is executing a vital plan of renewal.
David Zietsma / March 11, 2017
Education strengthens the minds but also reaches the hearts of students. Redeemer fosters teacher candidates’ competency — and their character.
Phil Teeuwsen / March 11, 2017
Redeemer education alumni talk faith in the public, independent, Aboriginal and international classroom.
Beth Van Lingen / March 11, 2017
With pre-medicine and professional streams, the Health Sciences program is preparing students for the ever-expanding health-care field.
Sarah Reid Yu / March 10, 2017
A look at new staff we welcomed and familiar faces taking on new roles at Redeemer this year
Dan Galenkamp / March 10, 2017
Looking back on the incredible life of an alumnus
Dan Galenkamp / March 10, 2017
Well-beloved English professor retires from her post
Dan Galenkamp / March 10, 2017
Redeemer students raise awareness on campus about mental health and about sexual violence.
Sarah Lim / March 10, 2017
With the launch of the Centre for Experiential Learning and Careers, Redeemer is investing in experiential learning for every program.
Mary Ann Benjamins / February 17, 2017
Redeemer community gathers for campus-wide conversations on Aboriginal issues, past and present.
Sarah Lim / February 10, 2017
Miranda Van Rooyen ‘17 draws inspiration for her senior art exhibit from her internship at art outreach centre RE-create.
Dan Galenkamp / February 10, 2017
Social work student Kendra Slagter '18 reflects on a term spent in Uganda.
Kendra Slagter / February 6, 2017
Brown sets new OCAA record for total career points in women's basketball
Pete Reid / January 23, 2017

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