Media and Communication Studies

Redeemer faculty, staff and students reflect on the complexity of participation and engagement with issues of the day on digital platforms.
Shannon McBride / March 29, 2022
Stephanie Ten Hove ’18 is sharing her skills in media as a missionary in Nicaragua’s capital.
Andrea Reynolds / October 18, 2019
From the printing press to personal computing, we continue to face the question: will technology turn us into bad people?
Naaman Wood / July 26, 2017
Picture this: Amanda graduates from a Media and Communication Studies program and lands a job in UNICEF’s media department. She travels to Africa to produce a series of short pieces on how Ebola...
Naaman Wood / September 26, 2016
Centre for Christian Scholarship prepares for guest speakers coming to Redeemer this fall
Marie Versteeg / June 1, 2016
New Media and Communication Studies program explores our interconnected world
Tim Wolfert / November 19, 2015

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