Letter from Resound's managing editor, Beth Van Lingen
Beth Van Lingen / March 7, 2018
Engaging the philosophy of pop culture is both missional and prophetic, bringing Christian thought to a rapid-fire topic and truth to a fallen world.
Adam Barkman / March 7, 2018
Outside Western Europe and North America, the world seems to be getting more religious, not less. What if secularization is not the inevitable future of religion in all societies, but one of many...
Kevin Flatt / June 27, 2017
With funding from a 2016-17 Zylstra grant, Dr. David Beldman has published two books, and is writing a third, that unpack the book of Judges for postmodern Christians.
Beth Van Lingen / April 3, 2017
Dr. Christina Belcher explores how the educational world and the virtual world interact with each other.
Christina Belcher / March 20, 2017
With the 2017-18 Zylstra grants, Redeemer faculty bring Christian influence to bear the history of secularization and pollution in local watersheds.
Marie Versteeg / March 1, 2017
Dr. Kevin Flatt aims to change how we understand the history of secularization.
Marie Versteeg / February 27, 2017
Redeemer is on the frontlines of an international movement to produce research from a Christian perspective.
Marie Versteeg / December 15, 2016
NSERC Discovery Grants to be invested in original research in the natural sciences and mathematics
Beth Van Lingen / October 1, 2016
Why do religious youth tend to avoid negative behaviours? Shaping desires may more important than the resistance of temptations, Redeemer researcher theorizes.
Marie Versteeg / September 30, 2016
The Book of Judges and contemporary Christianity.
Marie Versteeg / September 30, 2016
Exploring the role of physical activity in healthy aging
Dianne Moroz / March 1, 2016
Dr. Robert Joustra on the Biblical roots of the United Nations.
Beth Van Lingen / February 2, 2016
A short summary of the November scholarly accomplishments of Redeemer faculty
Beth Van Lingen / December 7, 2015
Emeritus professor of history is one of the key contributors to a new series of Kuyper books and digital resources
Tim Wolfert / November 17, 2015

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