Tangents: Fall 2015 issue
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September 21, 2015

What’s Inside

Letter from the President

Adapting to a new environment
Redeemer’s mission and our Biblical vision of Christ’s lordship over all of life has much to offer to students and to the challenges of our times


Is Redeemer in trouble?
These are challenging, but not overwhelming times for universities. But there are many good reasons why Redeemer is confident as it moves forward.

Redeemer 2020
Teaching, research and service are integral to our mission. Redeemer 2020, the University’s new strategic plan, includes a series of academic, administrative and resource initiatives that will guide the University as it translates its mission to better address the needs of our rapidly-changing society.


Worldview and the Academy
Dr. Russell Kosits reflects on the influence that Abraham Kuyper still has on Redeemer and other Christian universities.

On Campus

Students LAUNCH into Year
Orientation activities welcome students to Redeemer 

Campus welcomes academics, artists and ambassadors: Dr. Andrew Bennett, Dr. Jean Chamberlain-Froese, Keanin Loomis, Dr. Craig Mattson, Dr. Reginald Bibby, John Terpstra and John McKay

Royals Round-Up
Redeemer’s first National Champion! Straatsma and Kurvits named Athletes of the Year

Co-Op Program strengthened
Redeemer’s Business Co-op program gains Canadian Association for Co-Operative Education (CAFCE) accreditation

Redeemer partners in Job Fair
Redeemer participates in Hamilton’s largest job fair

Better access to mental health services
New Mobile Mental Health Team gives students greater access to professional mental health services

Students urge Canadians to “Chew On This!”
Social work students join in urging the federal government to develop a national poverty reduction plan

Above and Beyond
2015 Student Life Award winners announced

Students reflect on the theme of Temple
Art students invited to share their talents as part of worship at New Life CRC

Students and alumni awarded for writing
The Word Guild, Canada’s largest Christian writers association, recognizes writing of Redeemer students and alumni

More than calculators and counting
Business students compete in the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario’s CPA Challenge

The Centrality of the Sciences

From mathematics to health sciences, Redeemer students and faculty are deeply engaged in the sciences. Here are just a few examples of the teaching and research in the sciences that take place at Redeemer.

A fellowship that focuses on food
Student Kyla DeHaan awarded Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies fellowship in recognition for her academic achievement and leadership in creation care

Faith and numbers
Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences (ACMS) holds conference at Redeemer

Musseling in on research funding
Associate Professor of Biology Joel Klinck awarded $39,100 grant to assess effects of waste water from sewage treatment plants on endangered mussels

Chemistry students lead study of contamination in watershed
Dr. Darren Brouwer and students’ research suggests that sewage is finding its way,likely through cross-connections between sanitary and storm sewers, into Chedoke Creek watershed 

Spending summers in the lab
Students present their summer research, with projects ranging from mapping pollution in Hamilton’s watershed to using computational mathematics to unravel chemical structures

Off Garner

Two firsts for Redeemer alumni
Alumni study at Harvard and work for an ambassador

Telling the world’s stories
Annie Ling named 2015 Distinguished Alumni

Personal Touch

Alumnus Paul DeWeerd shares reflections from five years after the “Redeemer days”

Focus on Faculty

Christian scholars and public impact
The Centre for Christian Scholarship opens

Imago Dei
Dr. Christina Belcher explores what it means to be made—and to teach—in the image of God

The impact of a donation
Generosity of anonymous donor provides Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometer for science students

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