The power of partnership
Stronger Together supports Redeemer's mission
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March 1, 2016

At the core of Redeemer’s mission is the delivery of university-level learning that helps students understand the world in light of God’s word and His redemptive claims on every part of life. Students are guided by faculty who use their skills and passion to explore in-depth many of the issues that confront our world. Their research informs a greater and deeper understanding of those issues, which is essential in preparing students to use their gifts in the callings God has for them.

There are many individuals and organizations who work side-by-side with Redeemer, supporting its work in equipping students and faculty to make an impact for Christ and His kingdom. We are grateful for those who share our mission. Mark Petersen, president and CEO of Stronger Philanthropy, believes intentional, strategic, collaborative giving will both empower charities and increase satisfaction and joy in the giver.

“After analyzing over 74 grants and applying a rigorous process of due diligence in 2014, our giving consortium selected Redeemer’s new Centre for Christian Scholarship as a project that could maximize our impact in the world for Christ. Funds applied to this project enabled Zylstra grants to encourage original academic research by Redeemer faculty and launch the Centre for Christian Scholarship, which honours one emerging academician from a North American institution every year.

“Intentional, strategic, collaborative giving will both empower charities and increase satisfaction in the giver.”

Through the Spring 2016 issue of Tangents, you can read many examples of the impact that results from the support we receive from people and organizations like Stronger Philanthropy: alumni bringing about reconciliation in First Nations communities; students learning to understand the impact of media; faculty publishing research in support of the work of the Church. With our recently-announced Redeemer 2020 Strategic Plan, we will launch even more new initiatives to help Redeemer extend that impact even further.

We invite you to join us in expanding the range and scope of Redeemer’s impact in the lives of students and the communities they are called to serve. To discover the many ways you can help in this shared Kingdom-building work, visit our Give page.

To learn more about why Stronger Philanthropy supports the type of work that Redeemer is engaged in, visit their website.

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