The Public Impact of Christian Research
With the 2017-18 Zylstra grants, Redeemer faculty bring Christian influence to bear the history of secularization and pollution in local watersheds.

Zylstra grants, totalling $25,000 annually, support Redeemer faculty in creating original Christian scholarship that serves the common good. How will the 2017-18 winners take up the torch? Read on.

2017-2018 Zylstra Grants

Rethinking religion: Implications for the history of secularization

Dr. Kevin Flatt, Associate Professor of History

The secularization of Western culture is one of the most important developments in the history of Western civilization, not to mention one of the greatest setbacks for the Kingdom of God in the West. Academics studying secularization today no longer believe that modernity automatically produces a decline in religious faith, but that’s not the story most people hear. Flatt’s research will produce a narrative history of the secularization of Western civilization, rounding out the story and tackling common misconceptions.

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Monitoring Pollution in Hamilton watersheds

Dr. Edward Berkelaar, Professor of Chemistry & Environmental Studies
Dr. Darren Brouwer, Associate Professor of Chemistry

As winners for the third year in a row, Berkelaar and Brouwer will continue monitoring various streams that flow into Cootes Paradise, the Royal Botanical Garden’s largest and most biologically diverse ecological preserve, an idyllic retreat in the heart of Hamilton. Long-term data collection like this is vital for ecological research.

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