The Top of the Watershed
Letter from Resound's managing editor, Beth Van Lingen
1 min. read
March 7, 2018

The big ideas and deep scholarship generated at universities happen at the top of the cultural watershed, explains Dr. Robert Joustra in Redeemer’s “Why Christian Research?” video. The results trickle down, shaping the work of think tanks and government agencies, influencing public policy and media coverage and affecting our communities and our neighbours.

Joustra’s metaphor is based on the very real work of Dr. Edward Berkelaar, professor of chemistry and environmental studies, and Dr. Darren Brouwer, associate professor of chemistry, who continue to monitor pollution in Hamilton’s watersheds. The metaphor, I think, can extend a little further.

Incremental measurements and marked milestones are the rhythm behind the steady work on each magazine issue and on Resound as an overarching print and digital hub. Articles that detail progress and reports on goals attained illustrate a much larger story — that of God’s faithfulness to Redeemer and to the alumni sent in many directions.

Each issue of Resound describes the deep engagement of Redeemer’s faculty within their disciplines. Each volume explains the university’s investments in the next generation of Christian leaders. Resound narrates the influence of Redeemer’s graduates as it echoes out into their communities, their churches and our culture.

In this particular issue, it is exciting to share the news that, as of this March, Redeemer has launched launched all of its 2020 Strategic Plan initiatives. As you read the issue, we hope that you will find, in stories on the university’s progress and the impact of students, alumni and faculty, the thread of God’s faithfulness to Redeemer.

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