Update #4 from the President Search Committee
A fourth update from search committee chairs John VanHuizen and Jason Schouten on the progress of Redeemer's presidential search process
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October 6, 2017

The President Search Committee met recently. We continue to press forward in promoting the position and have been encouraged by applications received. Although we are excited to be at this point in the process, it does require some patience as we wait for applications to come in. We ask that you pray for patience for our committee and the larger community during this time.

That being said, we are pleased to share that expressions of interest and also applications have begun to come in. Furthermore, we had a very productive conversation with JobfitMatters at our last meeting and are feeling positive about the process we are undertaking and the hiring firm that we have chosen. We thank God for that.

The Committee asks that you continue to pray for the search process. In particular:

  • Pray that the Spirit will work in the hearts of prospective suitable candidates so that they will feel the call to answer this position
  • We give thanks for JobfitMatters and we pray that God will provide them with words and wisdom as they search for candidates and discuss this opportunity with them
  • Pray that the promotion of the position may be effective and that individuals with appropriate networks will share the profile with potential candidates
  • We are thankful for Ed Bosveld and all the work that he has done for this committee
  • We pray for a smooth transition of leadership within the committee

John VanHuizen and Jason Schouten
Co-Chairs, President Search Committee

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