We Answer to Another
New book by Koyzis explores nature of authority
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April 22, 2014

Authority is ubiquitous, apparent at every turn of our life. From the classroom to the workplace, from the church to the state, and even in family and marriage, we all experience authority and are governed by the way it is exercised – by others, but also by our selves. In his new book “We Answer to Another: Authority, Office and the Image of God” (2014: Pickwick Publications), Dr. David Koyzis, professor of political science at Redeemer, explores what authority is (and isn’t), its relationship with power, and its proper, God-inspired role in the world and the various communities in which we live. At the heart of the book is Dr. Koyzis’ assertion that authority is related to the concept of office. “An office is a calling, a commission, a task given us in fulfilling our duties before God,” he says. “What the book argues is that each of us has been given, by God, an office, and inherent in each of our respective offices is some measure of authority. The authority that we experience in the different areas of our life is, therefore, something that we are called to respect when it is properly exercised.” As noted by Dr. James W. Skillen, President Emeritus for the Center for Public Justice, “To exercise a responsibility is to hold an office of real authority as servant-stewards of one another.” This is Dr. Koyzis second book. His first, “Political Visions & Illusions — A Survey & Christian Critique of Contemporary Ideologies” (IVP Academic, 2003), won numerous awards, including Best Book (Culture) in the Word Guild Canadian Writing Awards. “We Answer to Another – Authority, Office and the Image of God” is available at the Redeemer Campus Bookstore.

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