Redeemer’s 970-seat auditorium is an ideal location for annual general meetings, concerts, theatrical presentations, dance competitions and worship services. The backstage of our auditorium has two dressing rooms, a green room and studio theatre.

Based on the needs of your event, audio-visual support will be provided by our trained staff.

Box Office Services are also available. Using the on-line sales system and the expertise of Box Office staff, event organizers eliminate the stress of ticket sales.

Auditorium Technical Information

Stage Information and Measurements:

  • Wall to Wall: 48’
  • Maximum Proscenium Opening: 39’
  • Proscenium Height: 23’
  • Main Traveler to Apron Lip: 15’
  • Main Traveler to Rear Traveler: 17’
  • Rear Traveler to back wall: 18’
  • 3 sets borders and legs
  • 1 Cyclorama (cyc) curtain
  • Travelers, borders and legs are all black

Sound System:

  • FOH (Audio mix) Location: Back of Balcony
  • Mixing Console: Digidesign Venue Profile with 48 XLR audio sends from the stage as well as inputs at FOH. Various plug-ins are available as well as compressors and gates for each channel
  • Recording: 1 HHB CDR882 CD recorder/player
  • Play back: 1 Denon CD/Cassette Combination unit, model DN-T425, 1 HHB CDR882 CD recorder/player 1 Panasonic DVD Player, model DVD-RV32
  • Speakers: EAW line array with EAW subwoofers, Meyer front fill speakers and Galaxy Audio under balcony speakers powered by QSC amplifiers. House audio is controlled by a BSS London Blu-160 Digital Signal Processor.
  • Stage Monitors: 2 JBL SF12M, 2 JBL JRX112M, 2 Yamaha S115111EH Club Series III. Powered with QSC amplifiers. There are up to five monitor mixes available depending on configuration.
  • Microphones: 8 Shure SM58 vocal mics, 1 AKG Drum mic kit, 2 AKG D770 Instrument mics, Four Sennheiser G3 wireless microphone systems, each of which can either be a hand held or belt pack transmitter. The belt packs can be lavalier or up to two Countryman earset mics. 1 Shure handheld wireless, 1 Shure lapel mic, 1 AKG gooseneck podium mic, 2 active DI boxes, 2 passive DI boxes, 1 Sennheiser gooseneck microphone (ME 34 capsule), 4 Shure Beta 98D/S Snare/Tom microphones.
  • Additional Audio Equipment: 9 boom microphone stands 3 straight microphone stands, 3 desk stands

Intercom System:

  • Sennheiser DW800 Wireless Full Duplex Intercom with 5 Headsets

Lighting System:

  • ETC Express 24/48 lighting board
  • Control: 1 ETC Sensor Control Module (2 DMX512 inputs)
  • 78 Circuits in house (50 FOH, 28 above Stage) House lights are ETC Unison controlled (May be controlled through the light board, or independent of the light board) Currently, the following lighting instruments can be house supplied:
  • 6 6″ Fresnels
  • 4 8″ Fresnels
  • 7 Strand Lekolites (500W)
  • 10 ETC Source Four 19° ellipsoidal spots
  • 4 Altman 6×16 ellipsoidals
  • 12 Altman 6×22 ellipsoidals
  • 3 Colortran 650-035 30°
  • 1 Colortran 650-550 15°
  • 3 eighteen inch scoops

Projection System:

  • 2 Panasonic PTL6510 XGA LCD projectors. Projectors are 4200 ANSI Lumens.
  • 2 custom Draper Rolleramic screens with a viewing area of 10′ x 14′. When needed the screens drop down from the ceiling — one on either side of the stage.
  • We are able to project from our computer, a laptop, DVD, VCR or custom input. A laptop can be used from either on stage or from the Front of House location up on the balcony.


  • 1 x 200 amp 3 phase, approx. 30 feet behind the stage
  • 1 Receptacle in stage floor
  • 10 Receptacles (with attached breaker box) on rear stage wallextension cords available for running from receptacles to the front of the stage

On Stage:

  • 1 Kawai Concert Grand
  • 1 Organ – a tracker, 2 manual and pedal instrument with 34 ranks of pipes, divided over 26 stops. The voicing of the pipes is in the “singing” style common to organs of the North German tradition of the 17th and 18th centuries. The entire organ is mounted on a moveable platform which allows the organ to be moved up or down stage.
  • Podium, chairs, choir risers, platforms, music stands etc. are available upon request.

Loading Docks:

Loading docks are available for equipment load-in and load-out. One dock is ground level, the other is dock level. Please give advance notice if the loading dock is required.

Rentals Inquiries

Please contact Campus Services at or call 905.648.2139 x4124