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Alexandra Young

Class of 2010

I  graduated high school not knowing exactly where I wanted to land upon university graduation, which is why a Liberal Arts education was key. Exposure to different and new areas of study, together with a close community of students and faculty that allowed me to really get to know myself, pointed me towards an area that I had not previously given much thought to: political science. I uncovered in myself an interest that may not have been otherwise uncovered. Classroom discussions in political science challenged me and expanded my existing understanding, and being from Ottawa, I knew that practical opportunities would exist following graduation. The decision to major in Political Science lead to my final semester spent at the Laurentian Leadership Centre in Ottawa (LLC). The LLC, together with my time spent at Redeemer, opened doors that lead to my first full-time position following graduation, working for a Senator on Parliament Hill.

After a few exciting and eye-opening years of working on the Hill, I suppose you could say I turned my attention to office politics: Human Resources. Still not completely sure of my career aspirations, human resources was attractive to me because it allowed the flexibility to work in any industry, and the option to eventually specialize in one of the many diverse areas of focus that exist within HR. I am currently working in an international health care organization as a Human Resources Specialist.