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Jake Klassen


Class of 2015

One thing about my Redeemer program is the space that it gives me. When I first came here from BC I was in the Pre-Engineering program, but have since changed my major to mathematics. Along the way, I’ve also picked up minors in physics, business and religion. Probably not the most common path to becoming an actuary, but the flexibility of Redeemer’s program has allowed me to explore those areas that interest me.

Even though my academic program is pretty intense, there’s still room for me to do things outside of class. I play volleyball for the Royals, and was part of the team that won the bronze medal in the Ontario championships in 2013. Playing on a varsity team is a big commitment –lots of practices, games and the like – but the time management skills I’ve learned through this has helped me balance my schedule and be successful with my studies as well.

The best space that I have at Redeemer is what I’ve found in my classes. My profs understand my capabilities and strengths – and those areas that I need to work on. And most of my classes are small enough that my classmates, my professors and I really get to know each other. Together, we explore how faith can be integrated into math, physics or whatever else we’re studying.

It’s intriguing, it’s challenging and it has made my time at Redeemer incredibly rewarding on so many levels.