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Julie Plaisier

Class of 2015

What drew me to Redeemer – and what continues to make this such a great place to be – is the community. At first, the attraction was dorm life, the chance to live with other people, build friendships and have fun.

But that sense of community extends to more than just friendships with students. I’ve found it in the classroom and across the entire campus. For example, my professors are always incredibly supportive, willing to help with whatever I need. They have also helped me strengthen my faith as we’ve explored together Christian approaches to social work theory and practice.

I’ve always had a passion to help people and I came to Redeemer thinking I’d be a teacher. However in my first year, I had the chance to take a number of core courses that really helped me to see other options “out there.” I took a social work class and fell in love.

In our classes we get an understanding of what social work is really about through doing case studies and working in the field. I’ve interned at Homestead Christian Care as part of my disabilities studies minor, and next year I did a second internship for my social work major. I see these as opportunities to bring that sense of community I’ve found at Redeemer to those who work and live in these organizations. It allows me to bring my faith and work together, and I’m grateful that Redeemer has equipped me to do that.