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Paul Naphtali

Honours Biology and Music

Class of 2014

I have a passion for music. In the eleven years I’ve been playing piano and violin, I’ve been able to perform in competitions across Ontario, accompany choirs, and play for orchestras and other ensembles and groups.

But I also have a passion for biology. In the four years that I’ve studied biology and chemistry at Redeemer, I’ve gotten to know so much more about God’s incredible creation, especially in the microscopic realm.

What’s been so amazing about my experience at Redeemer is the way I’ve been able to develop both of these interests. As a music minor, I’ve been able to have lessons with world-renowned artists like Valerie Tryon, perform in the orchestral ensemble Sinfonia, accompany the theatre musical South Pacific and just play, either on my own, or for and with students. At the same time, I’ve been given a solid preparation for a future in biology, either at medical school or in graduate studies in biochemistry.

Redeemer’s academic program has allowed me to explore different options. It took me a few years to nail down what I wanted to focus on, but the structure of the program gave me the opportunity and time to figure it out. All those different courses that I’ve taken have also helped me as I write the different sections of the MCAT, the entrance exam for medical school.

My time at Redeemer has allowed me to follow two of the paths that God has gifted me. I don’t know which way I would choose if I had to do it over again, but I do know that I would definitely choose Redeemer again.