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Sarah Sardar


Class of 2017

I’ve always had a passion for people. In particular, I love seeing how different cultures interact with each other, and I wanted to experience something of that myself. That’s why, after growing up in India, I ended up at Redeemer studying sociology and business.

I wasn’t exactly sure where God was leading me; in fact, I’m still not always 100% sure. But I’ve become independent as a person by becoming increasingly dependent on Him, and I know by the doors He has opened that God is preparing me for something. For example, I’ve come to understand that, even here at Redeemer, my life impacts the people around me while they’re impacting my life.

And because of that, my experiences at Redeemer have been so enriching. Besides my Canadian dorm mates, I also live with students from Ghana and the Bahamas, and we are all learning so much from each other. We’ve been able to build each other up by sharing stories of our own walks with God. I’ve also had my faith stretched by exploring these different perspectives of Christianity, and challenged by interacting with some of the people living with homelessness in Hamilton through the student group Deedz.

Redeemer is more than classes. It is an experience that gives you the opportunity to identify who you are in Christ, and to see where and how He is leading you.