Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens to my leftover monies?

Currently, Redeemer’s food plan is the minimum dollar amount in order for us to qualify as a tax-exempt food plan. Dining Dollars will be loaded on your Campus Card at the beginning of the academic year and it will be up to you to spend what you want when you want. Because meal plans are non-refundable and because we want students to eat well, we encourage the use of all funds available. Dining Dollars can be used at both Refresh and The Market. Any leftover grocery money on your Market Card or Dining Dollars on your Campus Card is forfeited on the last day of exams.

Are grocery carts allowed on campus?

Redeemer University College provides one shopping cart per dorm. A unique feature is that these carts fold up so they can be stored conveniently inside closets, or in other concealed spaces. Grocery carts from area stores are not permitted on campus.

What happens if I lose my card?

RUC Express Card

If your card is lost or stolen, your account can be deactivated to protect the money. If you find your card after it was reported lost, you can reactivate it. There are two ways to deactivate/reactivate your R/UC Express:

  1. Campus Services Office: Come to the Campus Services office located beside the Auditorium or call us at (905) 648–2131 ext. 4124 to deactivate your card. Reactivation requests are only handled in person and require at least one piece of photo ID.
  2. Online: students can manage their R/UC Express account online 24/7.
    If you require a replacement card, please come to the Campus Services office. A fee of $25.00 will apply.

Dorm Market Card

Students on the Redeemer Food Plan receive ONE Market Card per residence. In order to protect your account to The Market, a lost card should be reported to Campus Services, by email at or by phone at 905-648-2139 ext. 4214, to deactivate your account. Please visit the Market Manager to order a new card.

Is my Food Plan or Convenience Cash transferable to someone else?

Due to provincial tax laws your Food Plan is not transferable. Convenience Cash purchased by itself, is not transferable, but can be carried over to your next academic year. Convenience Cash purchased separately is refundable (subject to an Administrative Charge of $25.00) or can be carried over from one academic year to the next.

What kitchen supplies are provided?

The items listed below are supplied in each residence: plastic bowls (set of three), colander, large roasting pan, frying pan, kettle, teapot, pyrex baking dish, set of three pots and pans, stainless steel bowl, assorted large pans, serving spoon, wooden spoons, potato masher, spatula & rubber spatula, cutting board, muffin tin, lasagna pan (large pyrex), microwave, cookie sheet, grater, can opener, wisk, soup ladle, paring knife, large knife, tongs, large fork, potato peeler, ice cube trays, vacuum dish rack, cutlery tray, juice jug, milk jug, measuring cup, broom, dustpan, kitchen garbage can, bathroom garbage cans, toilet brush set, toilet plunger and closet organizers.


Call 905-648-2139 x4124 or email