Can I pick my own roommate?

Yes! If you already know who you would like to room with, just indicate that in the spot provided in the housing application. (You will be directed to our housing application once you receive an offer of admission.) If only one person has indicated that they would like to room with someone else, but the other person’s form does not indicate this, we will call and verify that this is what both people want.

You can also indicate that you would like to be in the same residence but not necessarily room with someone. You can indicate this by checking the dormmate box rather than the roommate box on the housing application. (You will be directed to our housing application once you receive an offer of admission.)

Can I pick more than one dormmate?

Because part of the university experience is getting to know other people, we do ask that you limit the amount of people you request to live with to one other person. We will do our best to match you with others with whom you are compatible.

How does the selection process work?

After the majority of housing applications are received (by May), the Residence Life staff team begins to review and pray over each application. We realize that often sleeping and cleaning habits are important factors for compatibility, even more so than majors or similar extracurricular activities. We will look at sleeping and cleaning habits, as well as interests that you have and match you not only to fellow dormmates, but also to a Residence Advisor.

When will I find out where I will be living?

At the end of June or early July, you should receive a letter from the Residence Life Office indicating which residence you will live in and who your Residence Advisor(s) will be. The Residence Advisor will decide who will be rooming with who (unless you have already put in a specific request) and let you know in July or August.

Can I request a certain RA or residence?

You can request a certain RA, although for the reason stated above, it might not be possible to place you in their residence. We will certainly take that into account, though.

Typically, requests for a particular residence are not accommodated because we base the residence groups based on personalities rather than location.

Additional Questions? Contact us!

Cam Farquharson, Residence Director
Phone: 905-648-2139 ext. 4219

Dave Stam, Community Life Director
Phone: 905-648-2139 ext. 4468