Your account will show the fees that you need to pay for the term less any financial aid that you will be receiving.  Adjustments will continue to be made to the accounts as registration, housing, financial aid, and other fees are updated so please check your account before making payments.  Payments will also show on your accounts but please allow a few days for processing.

Student Accounts on Student Self Service

How to check your account balance:

  • Go to
  • Enter your login information
  • Go to Account Details
  • Select current term
  • Be sure to check Student Self Service for account updates on a regular basis

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Redeemer Student Fund Loan accounts are not available online. Statements for loans that are due are mailed out every three months. Please contact the business office at 905-648-2139 ext. 4286 or email if you are in need of your most up-to-date balance of your loan.

Accounts are updated as information becomes available. By August 1st, billing for the Fall term should be processed. By December 1st, billing for the Winter term should be processed.

Questions, Concerns, Problems

Please check your account on Self Service carefully for errors.
If you have any problems or questions regarding your account, please contact:

Student Accounts Office
905-648-2139 ext. 4286