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Through a wide variety of scholarships, bursaries, and other resources, Redeemer’s Financial Aid program helps make a Christian education more accessible for you.
Keeping Christian Higher Education Affordable

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How much does redeemer cost?
Visit the Tuition and Fees page to learn about tuition for International (including American) and Bachelor of Education students. All prices are in Canadian dollars.
* Fees are an estimate based on a first-year student in a full-time course load.
Cost Calculator
Enter your information below to calculate your estimated yearly cost to attend Redeemer.
Comparing Costs
Here are a couple of standard cost scenarios. These students have taken a full-time course load for two semesters. They are generalized examples using the real numbers for the 2023-24 academic year. Names used are fictitious and averages are used across similar Canadian universities.
A first-year Kinesiology major who lives on campus.
Tuition $6,589 $9,987
Housing $10,384 $7,530
Food $5,430 $3,2481
Fees $1,595 $1,454
Total $23,998 $22,771

1 Bronze meal plan.

Business — Management
A first-year Business major who lives on campus.
Tuition $9,239 $9,987
Housing $10,384 $7,530
Food $5,430 $3,2481
Fees $1,595 $1,454
Total $26,648 $22,771

1 Bronze meal plan.

Looking to reduce costs further?Find out how!
Affordability is a significant part of the university decision-making process. Learn how Redeemer can make it easier for you to invest in your future!
Your three options for Financial Aid
Scholarships &
Money awarded to you based on your accomplishments and/or financial need.
Government Grants
(You Keep)
Government funding that you receive, based on financial need (for those that qualify).
Government Loans
(You Repay)
Government funding that you borrow, based on financial need (for those that qualify).
On-Campus Employment
A great way to pay for books, keep the car on the road, save to study for a semester abroad, or have a little extra spending money. Earn while you learn for 7-10 hrs per week (student maximum). There are opportunities in:
...and many other departments!
= $3,000

Average student income during the school year.

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Affordable tuition is here to stay. We are grateful to our generous support community for making this possible. It is critical that youth in high school understand there is an affordable and relevant Christian option as they consider their post secondary pathways.”
Dr. David Zietsma,

Tuition & Aid


Get answers to your top Tuition & Aid questions right here.
Where can I find a full list of tuition and fees?

A full listing of the fees that are required for the 2023-2024 academic year can be found on the Tuition and Fees page. It does not include books (estimated at $300 to $600 per term) or personal items. Fees for the academic year can also be found in the Academic Calendar.

How do I apply for financial aid at Redeemer University?

Please view the step-by-step process listed on our website.

Are there automatic entrance scholarships available?

Yes, incoming first-year students are automatically considered for entrance scholarships at admission. Learn more about available entrance scholarships here.

When will my financial aid be applied to my student account?

Most financial aid is posted to the student account approximately two weeks prior to the start of the semester, provided that all documents are completed.

Even with financial aid, I won’t be able to pay my tuition fees. Are there any other ways I can fund my courses?

Yes. There are paid jobs on campus which may help fund your education. Our Career Centre can also actively help you find access to paid internships and other opportunities in the local area.

When is the deadline to apply for financial aid?

For Fall intake, the deadline to apply for financial aid and the Christian Leadership Scholarship is February 28 (for maximum consideration).

I am a mature student. Am I still eligible for financial aid?

Yes, please complete the financial aid application located on your student portal to see what you are eligible for.

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