Affordability is a significant consideration during the university decision-making process, so it’s important that you understand all the variables involved. Below are 5 things to keep in mind to help you make the best choice to invest in what matters most: your future.

The whole package matters

When comparing the cost of your education, be sure to add up all the additional expenses that may apply to you. When factoring in fees, books, transportation (if commuting), housing, and food, Redeemer is comparable to (and often more affordable than) the majority of universities in southern Ontario.

Financial aid is available

89% of students receive financial aid at Redeemer to reduce the costs of their education. Redeemer offers automatic merit-based entrance scholarships along with a wide variety of named awards and bursaries available to incoming, transfer, and returning students. These awards do not have to be repaid, so be sure to find out what you may be eligible for as it can change the financial picture considerably.

Government grants and loans are an option

Students enrolled in degree programs at Redeemer may also be eligible, if qualified, for government assistance under the Canada Student Loans Program and/or provincial student loan programs. Information on the availability of financial assistance can be found through the appropriate government ministry of the student’s province of residence.

Program costs may vary

Tuition at other nearby public universities typically varies based on your program of choice (for example, business programs often cost more than humanities). Sometimes fees are included in tuition pricing and sometimes they are not. Redeemer has a single tuition price for all Canadian undergraduate students and fees generally remain the same across all programs (a few courses have some additional fees).

On-campus jobs make a big difference

Holding down a part-time job off-campus can be difficult, especially if you are not from the local area. There are many convenient on-campus employment opportunities at Redeemer in the Main Office, Athletics, the Library, Campus Services, and more. Students can earn while they learn for 7-10 hrs per week and make an average of $3000 per year.