Overnight Experience

Some Friday Campus Visits have the option of staying overnight in a Redeemer residence the night prior to the event.

Overnight visitors stay in a residence with other overnight student visitors and are hosted by a current Redeemer student. You will have the opportunity to attend additional on-campus events and classes (depending on arrival time). Meals are provided.

Due to limited spaces available, we are currently only able to offer the overnight option to students considering Redeemer for the upcoming year (Fall 2022).

Please note: While there are many encouraging signs, the situation regarding Covid-19 continues to fluctuate. Redeemer values the opportunity for prospective students to visit in person but reserves the right to adjust the overnight visit program if safety considerations or public policy require us to do so.


Arrival time: Please plan to arrive in the afternoon or early evening (preferably before 5pm)

Dinner at 6:00pm: provided for those who arrive in the afternoon
If you are flying in, those who arrive by 5pm to the Hamilton airport or by 4pm at the Toronto airport will be on campus in time for dinner. If you are arriving after those times, please make your own dinner arrangements.

Evening: Visitors will be included in student events or activities happening on campus. Offerings may include a varsity game, worship evening, or on-campus event. This schedule will be provided to you ahead of your visit.


Morning: Breakfast and lunch are provided. Visitors will be included in student events or activities happening on campus. Offerings may include attending a class, varsity game, or on-campus event. This schedule will be provided to you ahead of your visit.

Campus Visit Day: Visitors will participate in the Friday Campus Visit from 1-4pm.

Departure time: Please plan to depart after the Friday Campus Visit, which finishes at 4pm.
If flying, please plan accordingly. A flight at 6pm or later from the Hamilton airport or a flight from 7pm or later from Toronto airport is recommended. If no flights are available Friday evening, please contact us immediately to arrange an additional overnight stay. Anything beyond a Saturday morning departure will require you to find your own accommodations.

*Important note: All overnight visitors will be required to abide by Redeemer’s Covid-19 policies and framework. As such, upon arrival, all overnight visitors (regardless of vaccination status) must complete a non-invasive rapid antigen test. This test will be provided by Redeemer and administered by Redeemer Student Health Centre staff.

Fly-Me Travel Subsidy

Redeemer offers a flight subsidy to those who travel long-distance to participate in our campus visit program. To qualify, you need to speak with the Event Coordinator (campusvisit@redeemer.ca), before you make your travel plans, in order to ensure everything is in order before you arrive on campus.

The flight reimbursement will be valued up to a maximum of $400:

  1. $200 will be mailed to you after you have participated in our visit program.
  2. $200 (or the remainder of your airfare, whichever is less) will be mailed to you when you complete your application.*

Please be aware that reimbursements cannot be given for flights paid through any other flight reimbursement plan (i.e. Air Miles, etc.). Please contact the events coordinators before making travel arrangements so that they can best help plan your visit, arrange airport pick-up, and give instructions on how to receive your travel reimbursement for flights. If possible, we would encourage you to fly in and out of the Hamilton Airport (YHM) with it being the closest airport to Redeemer’s campus.

If you require airport pick-up or drop-off: Please try to arrive at the Hamilton or Toronto airport the Thursday prior to the Friday Campus Visit between the hours of 1-6pm. We will have someone pick you up and drop you off at the airport and we will reach out to you with more details as we get closer to the date.

*Please note: students are eligible for the Fly-Me subsidy for one visit event to Redeemer. We cannot provide reimbursement for subsequent visits.