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Year in Review 21/22
Year in review
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Redeemer Appoints Fifth President
Dr. David Zietsma will lead the university
into its next chapter.
A Modern and Sustainable Facility to Accommodate Growth
Charis Live and Learn Centre
The Charis Live and Learn Centre officially opened on April 1, 2022 accommodating significant enrolment growth with new student residences and learning spaces. The name Charis is derived from a Greek word meaning grace, kindness and life.
Watch the Charis Centre Grand Opening
Adding New Degrees and Programs
Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Kinesiology and Two New Music Majors
Redeemer conferred new bachelor of business administration degrees in 2021 and has launched a new bachelor of kinesiology program. Two new music programs in worship and ministry have also been added to the program array.
Measuring the Mission
Redeemer was blessed to have 1,014 students enrol this year to receive a Christian education. Of those, 100 were involved in co-ops and internships, 19 gave a testimony in chapel, and 187 were sent out to impact the world for Christ.
New Schools, New Opportunities
New Schools of Business and Education
The 2021-22 academic year brought the launch of the new School of Education and School of Business to Redeemer.
Watch the School of Business Intro
A Growing Student Body
Enrolment Surpasses 1,000 for the First Time
A strong incoming class in fall 2021 following last year's record-setting cohort helps set another record for enrolment at Redeemer.
Tyler Kwalik ’22
For All Things Redeemer
The Bookstore Relaunches
as 21Five
Redeemer's campus bookstore premieres its new name and look, and launches its new faculty book section.
Redeemer's 2025 Strategic Plan
Leaning in to Learn. Forward.
A closer look at how Redeemer's 2025 Strategic Plan is moving the institution forward by strengthening its roots and investing in student and graduate success.
Social Distance?
Discussing Institutional Engagement in a Digital Culture
Redeemer faculty, staff and students reflect on the complexity of participation and engagement with issues of the day on digital platforms.
This year, Redeemer welcomed 1,014 students back to campus and sent out 187 graduates with their eyes focused on Jesus.
Reviving Campus Life
Life in Community Returns
Community life at Redeemer is thriving again as the province gradually reopened this fall. A remote option through dual delivery will continue to be offered in 2022‑23.
Watch the LAUNCH Orientation 2021 Highlights
Serving Hamilton's BIPOC Businesses
Culture, Commerce and the Imago Dei
As part of their senior capstone project and in partnership with CityLAB Hamilton, Andrene Gregory and Rachel Drouin explored the contributions made and obstacles faced by the city's BIPOC entrepreneurs.
Co-op Work Experiences
Motivated to Love with Healing Hands
Through physiotherapy co-op work experiences, fifth-year kinesiology student Selena Kennedy is learning to see God in her work and follow his path.
Recording Redeemer's History
Preserving a Rich Legacy
Third-year history student Karilyn Van Brugge spent the summer of 2021 exploring and maintaining Redeemer’s history.
The International Student Experience
Finding Home
Fourth-year international student Nadine Iraguha describes the growth and sense of belonging she’s experienced at Redeemer.
Redeemer Royals Athletics
Refined by the Game
Student-athletes Maddison Cohoon and Matthew Walraven detail their spiritual formations since transferring from public universities. Read more
Maddison Cohoon ’22
Women's Basketball
Matthew Walraven ’23
Men's Soccer
Act Five's Tech-Free September
Weaning Ourselves off Our Digital Pacifiers
Act Five student Allie Buist reflects on a month-long tech fast as part of the Act Five gap year program. Read more
Watch the Act Five Year-End Recap
Congratulations, Class of 2022!
On May 28, the Redeemer community celebrated the achievements and hard work of the Class of 2022. Allison Alley, President and CEO of Compassion Canada, addressed graduates, sharing her lived experience, and inviting them to evaluate how to have a substantial and sustained impact in the world.
Graduation 2022 Gallery
Redeemer has over 6,700 alumni who are reflecting the love and hope of Jesus wherever they are called.
The Art of Attachment
Betty Brouwer '88, Redeemer's 2021 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient, reaches Hamilton youth with compassion and creativity.
Fighting Hunger in Zimbabwe
Food: The Universal Language and Longing
Elizabeth VanVeen '13 shares her journey from working as a literature teacher to a programme policy officer with the United Nations World Food Programme.
Elizabeth VanVeen ’13
Success in Sales
From the Ice to the Sales Floor
Lewis Tuininga '17 is excelling at his dream career in the sports industry.
Politics and Policy
Making Change through Legislation
Excited to explore different aspects of government, Celina Oster '21 has been learning how to effect change through the legislative process.
Serving Medical Needs
Doing the Math to Improve Medical Treatment
Dr. Moriah Pellowe ’14 is using mathematics to better understand and optimize medical treatment and access.
Redeemer faculty teach, mentor and disciple students in the classroom, and undertake scholarly research from a Christian perspective that seeks to answer difficult questions and make a difference in the world.
15 faculty received $246,720 in research grants and funding this year.
Strengthening the Reformed Worldview
Introducing the Albert M. Wolters Centre for Christian Scholarship
Redeemer's Centre for Christian Scholarship has a new name, a new director and three new faculty fellows to take its work to the next level.
Preparing Students for Complex Challenges
A Core Commitment to Liberal Arts and Sciences
Two new faculty members discuss the importance of the core curriculum to Redeemer's commitment to a well-rounded liberal arts and sciences education. Read more
Dr. Amber Bowen
Assistant Professor of Core Studies and Philosophy
Dr. Doug Sikkema
Assistant Professor of Core Studies and English
Race in the Classroom
Black History and the God of Redemption
Redeemer's faculty and students explore issues of race and representation through the curriculum in the winter term.
Encountering Difficult Differences in Social Work
A Voice for the Sidelines
Assistant professor of social work Dr. Morgan Braganza is highlighting the different experiences of marginalized people in social work education.
The extra Calvinisticum
Where is Jesus?
Dr. KJ Drake set out to explore the historical debate of the nature of Jesus in his recently published book.
Contemporary Interpretations of the Stations of the Cross
Listening Through the Cross
Associate professor of art Phil Irish is participating in a reimagined Lenten tradition. Read more
Prof. Phil Irish
Associate Professor of Art
Writing Fiction
Over the Moon
Professor of English Dr. John Van Rys talks about his new short story collection.
Helping Students Succeed in Social Work
Charting the Way of Compassion
Dr. Aaron Smith, assistant professor of social work and director of field education, talks about the principles that guide him in his work at Redeemer.
Building on a Broad Foundation
History with Intention
Dr. Kevin Flatt shares how the history program offers students a unique balance of strategic courses.
Dr. Kevin Flatt
Professor of History, Associate Dean of Humanities
Emerging Public Intellectual
Remembering Those in Prison
Dr. Aaron Griffith, assistant professor of history at Whitworth University and Redeemer's 2021 Emerging Public Intellectual Award winner, is exploring the connection between evangelical Christianity and the American justice system.
Your Support
Supporting Campus Renewal
Completing Charis
With a growing student body, the completion of the Charis Live and Learn Centre has been critical to meeting residence and learning space needs.
Saying Thanks
Thank you for contributing to the Charis Centre! I so appreciate your donation so that I could learn in new classrooms and upper years have the opportunity to live on campus. Thank you for your generosity! I'm grateful for you and this beautiful new building!
Abigail Hoogstra
Third-year Business Management and Digital Media and Production student
Expanding Student Services
Student Health and Wellness
Redeemer understands the importance of maintaining the physical and mental health of students. The Student Health Clinic is staffed by a nurse practitioner who provides care for minor injuries, illnesses, wound care, depression or anxiety, medication renewals, immunizations and smoking cessation support.
Saying Thanks
Thank you so much for your contributions to the student health and wellness centre! Having this available on campus is super helpful and takes away the stress of trying to travel to a doctor's office from campus. We students appreciate it! Thank you so much!
Kylah Tuin
First-year Psychology and Social Work student
Deepening Faith Formation
Strengthening the Reformed Worldview
Enhancing the integration and translation of the Reformed worldview across the curriculum and campus life deepens faith formation, elevates worship and better prepares students to exercise their God-given talents and abilities in a full range of life’s careers, callings and communities.
Saying Thanks
Thank you for your continual support to Redeemer University. Your support has allowed for young Christians to learn more about faith and their calling!
Ruth Van Vliet
Third-year International Development student
Remembering Supporters
Redeemer remembers Harry Voortman for his support of Christian higher education and his contributions, leadership and encouragement for Redeemer over many years.
Harry Voortman
Long-time supporter of Redeemer
Financials at a Glance
Your support has helped Redeemer to deliver on its mission and keep running efficiently.
View our full audited financial statements.
Sneak Peek at Redeemer's 22/23 Theme
“I am making all things new.”
As Redeemer celebrates its 40th anniversary, we will explore what it means to live radically hopeful lives, confident in the ongoing and future work of Jesus in renewing this broken world.
In case you missed it, here are some highlights from Redeemer's social media channels from the past year.
Thank You
Redeemer is grateful to God for the work he has done over the past year through its students, faculty, staff, alumni and supporters.