As Redeemer experiences growth and charts the future through its new strategic plan, the university is proud to present a new brand that honours its heritage and revitalizes the visual identity.

The Logo Story

The world is changing rapidly and Redeemer is changing too, innovating within a Christian liberal arts mission to provide a relevant education for students today and tomorrow. The university is also strengthening its roots in the Reformed tradition, and that anchor and stability is pictured by the cross at the centre of a shifting shield. As things move around it, Jesus’ lordship over all of creation and every area of study at the university stands resolute and unchanging at the heart of it all. As a whole, the logo balances a modern, innovative future outlook, with a rich established academic and faith tradition.
  • Tuition Reduction
  • Enrolment Growth
  • Name Change
  • Strategic Vision
  • New Mixed-use Facility
  • Campus Renewal

A lot is changing at Redeemer and a new brand captures the unchanging kingdom-centred mission at the heart of it all while looking forward to represent an innovative, relevant education for students today and tomorrow.

Brand Concepts

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