Accountable to your own giftedness
Ted McMeekin addresses Redeemer community
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March 28, 2014

Redeemer University College was pleased to welcome its MPP, the Minister for Community and Social Services, the Hon. Ted McMeekin for a meet and greet with students, staff and faculty on Friday, March 28. It was also an opportunity for him to address the community, and for Redeemer to express its appreciation to him for the work that he has done for it over the years. Minister McMeekin entitled his address “A View from the Pew or Using Our Giftedness to Serve.” “Education is all about getting students to identify and develop their individual skill set,” he said. “That is a sacred responsibility for educators.” Yet the purpose of finding and then using those gifts, according to the Minister, is found in a calling that goes beyond oneself . He encouraged students to develop what he called “a Good Samaritan’s mindset—a principle- and value-based perspective to life that allows one to respond to that calling.” He described some of what went into his own journey: from a family that encouraged him to “make a difference, not just noise” through his education and work in social work, and in his community involvement. He also shared how he first got involved in politics by working on Bobby Kennedy’s 1968 presidential campaign. “Kennedy used to tell us: ‘When you see something wrong, don’t get mad; don’t get even; get elected. That’s how you can make a difference’.” As a result, he has worked to create “an ethos of social justice” in his time in government. President Hubert Krygsman noted several of the ways that Minister McMeekin has lived that out in support of Redeemer. “He has worked tirelessly for Redeemer, helping us over the years with legislation to change our name and to secure provincial funding for the Sports Complex. He worked to ensure that employers who hire Redeemer students for co-op work terms receive the same tax credits as those who hire from public universities. And most recently, he worked to have the 30% Off Tuition grant extended to Redeemer students.” “The Minister,” concluded Dr. Krygsman, “has mastered ‘the art of the possible,’ while remaining committed to his principles, to doing what is right. “We are very grateful for all that he has done for us and our students.” And McMeekin has seen that commitment happening in Redeemer students as well. “As a Christian, I’ve always believed that the most important thing we need is to be held accountable to our own giftedness,” he said. “You are responding to that call. You are making a difference. And as a result, I am buoyed with hope for the future.”

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