After a period of time to respect the family’s privacy and grieve as a community, today in recognition of an off-campus celebration of life organized by friends, the university has lowered its...
December 10, 2022
A second-year history class has taken a modern approach to understanding Indigenous issues in Canada.
Amelia Foster / September 29, 2022
A class project by former Redeemer students is helping alleviate furniture poverty in Hamilton.
Amelia Foster / September 29, 2022
Fourth-year environmental science student Jamie Eaton desires to learn more about the intricacies of God’s creation and to share her faith boldly.
September 29, 2022
Redeemer has been preparing students for their careers and callings for 40 years. In a recent core course, adjunct lecturer Chris Bosch walked students through an exercise that provided an...
September 29, 2022
Olivo's essay, “Arms, Voices, and an Overwhelming Question: Modernist Answers from Stephen Dedalus and J. Alfred Prufrock," is available to read below.
Amelia Foster / July 11, 2022
Three members of the Redeemer Royals men’s volleyball team share their journey to the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) National Championship.
Amelia Foster / June 3, 2022
Business-accounting student Erica Van Hoffen has been named the 2021 Co-op Student of the Year.
Amelia Foster / April 21, 2022
While taking part in a course with Oxford University, Jessica Khalil learned that the art of debating is not only necessary for a career, but for our Christian calling.
Nathan Reid-Welford / March 29, 2022
Act Five student Allie Buist reflects on a month-long tech fast as part of the Act Five gap year program.
Allie Buist / March 29, 2022
Student-athletes Maddison Cohoon and Matthew Walraven detail their spiritual formations since transferring from public universities.
Amelia Foster / March 29, 2022
Third-year history student Karilyn Van Brugge spent the summer of 2021 exploring and maintaining Redeemer’s history.
Amelia Foster / March 29, 2022
Fourth-year international student Nadine Iraguha describes the growth and sense of belonging she’s experienced at Redeemer.
Amelia Foster / March 29, 2022
As part of their senior capstone project and in partnership with CityLAB Hamilton, Andrene Gregory and Rachel Drouin explored the contributions made and obstacles faced by the city’s BIPOC...
Amelia Foster / February 15, 2022
Community life at Redeemer is thriving again as the province gradually reopened this fall.
Shannon McBride / November 29, 2021

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