App Creates Customizable Digital Campus
As part of a broad initiative to enhance digital technology across the university, the Redeemer App is helping to create online experiences that connect everyone and everything at the university.
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March 22, 2021

Over the summer and in time for the fall term, Redeemer launched the latest piece of its Reaching Higher digital campus project, which is pushing integrated technology advancements in a number of areas.

The Redeemer App improves the student experience by allowing them to access information, files, course information, financial data, campus services and much more all from one environment on their smartphone or laptop.

“What strikes me as most helpful about the app in terms of student experience is having a one-stop-shop for all things Redeemer,” said Carina Wolfert, a second-year mathematics student. “It is so handy to have access to all resources in one place. Specifically, I know that I can find all the relevant links for open meetings there instead of searching through my inbox.”

Associate professor of kinesiology and physical education Dr. Jane Sinden agrees. “It helps me stay organized, keep up with what is going on and stay connected. I also like to have such easy access to Discovery and Self Service wherever I am with my phone,” she says of other apps that help her complete her work. Students, staff and faculty can message one another and set up groups for communicating about specific clubs, classes, dorms or other areas of interest all within the app.

What strikes me as most helpful about the app in terms of student experience is having a one-stop-shop for all things Redeemer.

“I think the app has the potential for some rich internal communication,” said Dr. Kevin Vander Meulen, professor of mathematics.

Users can also personalize their app experience to determine how they will receive notifications for the many different kinds of messages that come through the app. Email and push notifications can be turned on or off, by group and other even more granular options. This helps users to filter out the information they need to know, while being able to trust that the rest is there in the app, when they’re ready to go find it.

Third-year honours social work student Amy Pardy appreciates the ability to customize her app experience. “I can join groups that will benefit my time at Redeemer. This feature allows me to receive notifications from my favourite clubs and groups and find out what they are up to and how I can participate.”

As the fall term progressed, the app saw everything from health check form reminders, video testimonies from students, encouragement from chaplaincy, photos of Christmas decorating contests, food services menus, updates on the pet fish community on campus and sales in the bookstore.

“The app allows the bookstore to reach our student population quickly and easily without filling up their inbox,” says bookstore manager Kristel Forcier. “We post regularly about textbook orders, we can provide links to our web store, our textbook list and various ebook sites. We’ve also made our textbook ordering form digital through the app to cut down on paper.”

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