Artist Bill Shwarz installs painting at Redeemer
Bill Schwarz visits Redeemer to talk art as vocation
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January 26, 2015

The creator and donor of the Brockdurn painting, on display in the Library, visited Redeemer on Monday, January 26. Schwarz met and spoke to Redeemer’s art students, faculty and staff. Schwarz is a lawyer and owner of the Kirkwood Wagner Gallery, which sits across the street from his law office in Cambridge, Ont. Schwarz shared in his remarks how taking an art class with his wife became travelling, painting urban landscapes and opening an art gallery. “I’ve since come to see art as being my vocation, as being the thing I’m meant to do, in addition to the work I do as a lawyer and with my practice,” said Schwarz in his remarks to the gathered students, faculty and staff. Schwarz’s piece was specifically chosen for the Redeemer community. “Your work has a rhythm to it, a flow towards wholeness, that I would describe as being part of God’s call to bring us all to wholeness. Your piece will become part of Redeemer’s work towards wholeness for our community and for our world,” Sessional Assistant Professor Phil Irish said, concluding Schwarz’s visit to Redeemer.

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