Faculty Profile: Dr. Murray Stiller
Dr. Murray Stiller is professor of media and communication studies.
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March 22, 2023

Home Base

Home is a combination of Ancaster during part of the year and the Vancouver, BC area during the rest of the year, when I’m not travelling for film work.

Stimulating Subject Matter

I love when students “get it.” It is very rewarding to step back and watch when students are able to make films without my help. I also love watching the creative weekly films students make in our third-year course, which I like to refer to as “filmmaking as philosophy.”

Teaching Tips

The most effective way of teaching film is to explain the principle, show a professional example, demonstrate it in a practical way, have students do it themselves and then use their work to critique. Say see­-do-correct.

I love when students “get it.” It is very rewarding to step back and watch when students are able to make films without my help.

Faith Moment

I do not separate my faith from the other aspects of my life, including my work. I was filming an interview in the southern US when the participant disclosed very personal information on camera. I felt the humility and empathy in the moment for what I believe is at the heart of what it means to be a follower of Christ On the same trip, we stopped at a diner in the middle of a setting that looked like it would be in a horror movie. It was run by a Catholic mystic and, when he saw our film cameras, he said, “I’ve been waiting for you.” As we interviewed him, he said that if he said things God did not want him to disclose, [God] would prevent us from using the material. Sure enough, half of the tapes were blank after the interview. I am skeptical, but the moment was meaningful because of an unnatural sense of peace we experienced during the visit.

In Conversation with Christ

When I see Jesus face to face, there will be nothing to ask (except about UFOs and ESP). I would bask in Christ’s glory.

Redeemer Love

My favourite thing about Redeemer is the students. Particularly, the ones who are passionate and use every moment to make the most of the opportunity.

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