Redeemer Scores Well in Maclean’s Student Survey
Students give Redeemer high grades in all categories of CUSC survey
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February 25, 2011

The Annual Student Issue of Maclean’s magazine was released today, and once again students have given Redeemer excellent rankings in most every category. As part of the Canadian University Survey Consortium (CUSC), students from Redeemer and 38 other campuses were asked more than 100 questions about specific aspects of their undergraduate experience, both inside the classroom and beyond. Students gave Redeemer first-place rankings in 3 of the 9 key categories that were reported in Maclean’s. To the statement: I am satisfied with my decision to attend this university — 69% of student respondents strongly agree and 28% agree. Most of my professors encourage students to participate in class discussions — 59% strongly agree; 38% agree. Most of my professors are reasonably accessible outside of class to help students — 70% strongly agree; 30% agree. Redeemer students gave their university high marks in the rest of the categories as well: Generally, I am satisfied with the quality of teaching I have received — 58% strongly agree and 41% agree. Redeemer ranks 2nd. How satisfied are you with the average size of our classes — 89% very satisfied; 10% somewhat satisfied. Redeemer ranks 2nd. At this university, professors treat students as individuals, not just numbers — 72% strongly agree; 26% agree. Redeemer ranks 2nd. How much success have you had in becoming involved in campus activities — 36% very much; 48% some. Redeemer ranks 4th. Overall, how satisfied were you with the help you received in deciding on your program and course selection — 55% very satisfied; 40% somewhat satisfied. Redeemer ranks 7th. Has your experience at this university met, exceeded, or fallen short of your expectation — 36% exceeded; 59% met; 4% fallen short. Redeemer ranks 7th. All of the results can be found on Maclean’s On Campus website. Redeemer did not participate in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE); those results are also reported in Maclean’s, and make up the lion’s share of the print edition’s reported surveys. In the print version (pp.66-67), in a section commenting on the survey results, Maclean’s points out the clear advantage that universities which focus on teaching, and small schools in general, have in these surveys. The writer concludes: “… the picture is clear. Students who spend more time with teachers are more likely to be pleased with their education. And, for students at least, isn’t that what universities are all about?” Considering how well Redeemer has fared in this survey (which mirrors the positive results of the Globe and Mail’s Canadian University Report, published in October), these scores then are a testament to the excellent teaching, listening and mentoring activities of our faculty, and to the entire community that works with them in supporting our students.

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