Redeemer University College Appoints New President
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March 23, 2010

Dr. Hubert R. Krygsman, currently the Associate Provost and Director of the Andreas Center for Reformed Scholarship and Service at Dordt College in Iowa, has been appointed to become the third President of Redeemer University College. This five-year appointment will take effect on June 14, 2010 following the retirement of Dr. Justin Cooper, who has served as Redeemer’s President for sixteen years. “Dr. Krygsman has a demonstrated understanding of both teaching and research at the university level which are the two pillars of Redeemer’s mission,” explained Ray Pennings, chair of Redeemer’s Board of Governors. Pointing to Krygsman’s role in revamping the Dordt curricular core and his leadership in the recently established research center, Pennings suggested this experience combined with his authenticity, vision for Christian higher education and enthusiasm will position Krygsman well for his role at Redeemer. “Redeemer’s vision is to be internationally engaged as an excellent liberal arts and sciences university that is unabashedly Christ-centered and prepares students to reflect a distinctive worldview in any vocation and place they are called. We were looking for a thoughtful risk-taker with the interpersonal skills to unite the resources of the Redeemer community in achieving our vision. We are confident that Dr. Krygsman brings these attributes to the position.” For Krygsman, who was born and raised in southwestern Ontario, coming to Redeemer is an opportunity to return to Canada after two decades of working in the American academy. “I am deeply honoured and excited to be part of the Redeemer community,” noted Krygsman. “I am committed to continuing Redeemer’s collaboration with neighbouring institutions and colleagues, the greater Hamilton community, and a growing community of supporters and students across Canada. I look forward enthusiastically to opportunities for developing the Redeemer community and expanding its impact for Christian higher education and service in Canada, and more globally.” Krysgman obtained a B.A. in History and Philosophy from Calvin College in 1984. He completed a M.A. in History from the University of Calgary with a thesis on the theology of George Grant. His Ph.D. is from Carleton University in Ottawa with a dissertation on “Freedom and Grace: Protestant Thought in Canada 1920-1960.” His research and publication record includes a focus on modern Protestant Canadian history, on academic structures and curricular design, and on the relationship between Islam and Christianity. Dr. Krygsman indicates that although Redeemer, founded in 1982, is relatively young, it has earned a recognition for excellence which makes it an attractive institution to join. “Redeemer University College is the work of a very dedicated, visionary, and growing Christian community, and ultimately, I believe, of God’s providential care. Redeemer is one of few Canadian institutions that offer a comprehensive range of Bachelors programs in the sciences and liberal arts that are taught from a holistic Christian perspective and that equip students for engaging every aspect of our culture in grace-filled service to God’s kingdom. In its nearly 30 years, Redeemer has established a strong record of high quality education and scholarship, and community cooperation and service.” Dr. Krygsman and his wife Nancy are pleased to be moving to the Hamilton area where they have relatives and will be closer to family. Their three adult children live in Michigan and Idaho. Dr. Krygsman will be Redeemer’s third president, following Rev. Dr. Henry R. De Bolster (1981-1994) and Dr. Justin D. Cooper (1994-2010).

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