Update #8 from the President Search Committee
An eighth update from search committee chairs John VanHuizen and Jason Schouten on the progress of Redeemer's presidential search process
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February 8, 2018

The last update from the President Search Committee indicated that we were entering the interview stage with the goal of recommending a candidate for the final phase of the hiring process. The final interview phase is now complete and we regret that the candidate chose not to proceed further. The Board will reconvene the President Search Committee immediately to deliberate on possible further recommendations arising from the candidate pool.

The Board remains committed to hiring an effective, gifted leader to take the university to the next stage of its institutional life. This is a difficult task, but we believe that such efforts come to fruition in God’s good time and only in accordance with His will. The hard and time-consuming work of assessing the institution’s true need and developing the opportunity profile has been done. Whether within a month or several months, we will make every effort to fill this critical position in a way that ensures the continued success of Redeemer’s mission.

In the meantime, we are grateful for the ongoing leadership of Interim President, Fred Verwoerd, and all of the hard work of the faculty and staff in a difficult time of transition. The continued progress Redeemer has made toward long term stability is very encouraging.

With all of these things in mind, please keep the president search process in your prayers. As always, we trust in our great God for all things, knowing he holds the future in His mighty hands.

John VanHuizen and Jason Schouten
Co-Chairs, President Search Committee

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