Faculty Profile: Dr. Lisa Devall-Martin
Dr. Lisa Devall-Martin is assistant professor of education.
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September 29, 2022

Home Base

My growing-up years were spent in Toronto, where my father worked for CTV News, reporting the weather for almost five decades. I attended Martingrove Collegiate Institute and then completed my bachelor of music degree at Western University and my masters of music in Montréal at McGill University. My teaching years began at Western University and transitioned into public- education teaching and leadership while I was completing my doctorate in entrepreneurial leadership in education at Johns Hopkins University.

Stimulating Subject Matter

I taught vocal health and management at Western University for all music undergrads in the faculty of music, and every student had to learn to sing in front of their peers. No small task! Initial performances were always stressful because “Happy Birthday” was not allowed, but by the end of the course, students enthusiastically shared their ability with confidence.

Teaching Tips

My passion for teaching lies in transformative learning by facilitating students’ critical thinking, self-reflection and dialogic discourse. This begins by creating the conditions for students to move into a disorienting dilemma through readings, observations, new experiences/knowings or questioning. A disorienting dilemma occurs when something comes against your values, beliefs, knowledge and/or experiences, and ignites curiosity, concern or inner resistance. Creating these conditions and facilitating this learning cultivates self-awareness and deep learning, which is an awesome privilege. There is nothing like students collectively expressing their curiosity, new understandings, fresh perspectives or behaviours; their “sticky learning.”

Faith Moment

I met Jesus in a backyard Bible club as a youngster while growing up in Toronto. This experience was irrefutable in my life, and I carried The Way Bible translation to and from school each day for “silent reading” in my early years. Ever since, my heart has been ever-seeking to learn and grow in my faith through wonder and awe.

I love the name, Redeemer! Passing the signs on campus as I arrive is a constant reminder of Jesus’ desire to build community through love, compassion and grace.

In Conversation with Christ

When I see Jesus face to face, words will elude me; gratitude will flood; tears will flow.

Redeemer Love

I love the name, Redeemer! Passing the signs on campus as I arrive is a constant reminder of Jesus’ desire to build community through love, compassion and grace, which students, staff and faculty at Redeemer clearly live out on campus each day! #grateful

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