Great Faithfulness
An update from Redeemer's president.
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September 29, 2022

As we prepare for Redeemer’s 40th anniversary, we remember again some of the amazing things that have happened at Redeemer. We have learned some new things too. How many current employees knew the townhouse-style residences on campus today were a legacy of the efforts to locate space for students to live in the early 1980s? Looking back, the story of Redeemer is the story of God’s hand at work, in good times and in hard times. It is the story of God leading the institution as an instrument to bring a Christian framework to research, to living and to learning in a university context. In a rapidly secularizing culture, Redeemer’s continued presence, and indeed growth, is countercultural and something for which together we can praise God! I hope many of you will be able to join in anniversary celebrations at the end of September, and will continue to reflect with us throughout this anniversary year on God’s goodness. Be sure to check out the stories of Redeemer’s history in this commemorative issue of Resound, and by visiting the 40th anniversary website, which includes a special video, at

Since 2020, Redeemer’s Learn. Forward. 2025 Strategic Plan has focused on preparing Kingdom-centred, innovative graduates who will make a profound impact for the gospel in a rapidly changing, complex and digital world. We give God praise for the many positive developments that have happened, even during challenging pandemic circumstances. We have continued to strengthen the integration of the Reformed Christian worldview at the heart of Redeemer’s academic mission by focusing on greater clarity and communication in student admissions as well as in hiring processes and employee orientation. We have also invested in enhancing the faculty mentoring program and launched a new faculty fellowship program hosted by the Wolters Centre. To support student and graduate preparedness, we have also launched a new Innovation Centre to increase the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in university program development, curriculum and pedagogy. Thanks to new degree-granting authorities, we have developed two new degree programs, the bachelor of business administration (BBA), and the bachelor of kinesiology (B.Kin.). Two new music programs and a law and public policy minor are also now part of the program offerings. Over the coming years, we will explore the feasibility of other new degrees, including masters degree programs.

The Path reminds us that we are all on a journey with up and downs, but that God knows the end and will make us stronger through our weakness…

Like many organizations, Redeemer has seen significant employee turnover during and following the pandemic. We have welcomed many new faculty and staff—46 new employees in the last two years! And in this too, God has blessed us with amazing people committed to the mission of discipling the next generation of Christian leaders through Christian university education. As part of Learn. Forward., we are continuing to build a healthy workplace culture through the development of organizational values, improvements to employee professional development support, and strengthening internal communication.

We are excited about changes to the physical campus as well. This is the first year that the Charis Centre will be in full use. Many students have made the Charis Centre their home for the year and the learning and community spaces are full of activity. The Charis Centre is home to Redeemer’s newly launched Innovation Centre. Redeemer’s Career Centre will also be moving in next to the Innovation Centre. In the beautiful green space to the west of the Charis building, Redeemer’s new public art installation, The Path, is another exciting addition to campus. The Path reminds us that we are all on a journey with up and downs, but that God knows the end and will make us stronger through our weakness as we rest in his grace and power.

As we celebrate Redeemer’s 40th year, we look ahead to all that God will yet do through Redeemer, to the lives he will change, and to the churches, schools, businesses and all kinds of other organizations that Redeemer graduates will impact for his glory. This year’s campus theme, “All things new!”, is fitting as we remember the past, and look forward to the future. Drawing on Jesus’ words from Revelation 21:5, “Behold, I am making all things new,” the Redeemer community will be reminded of their place in God’s Kingdom, living radically hopeful lives now so that we point forward to that day when Christ will return and make all things new forever.

Visit the 40th Anniversary website to view a historical timeline and a special video presentation celebrating 40 years of Redeemer.

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