Politics and International Studies

Aren Plante ’19 is seeking the peace and prosperity of the city as a public servant.
Cameron Phillips / March 29, 2022
Excited to explore different aspects of government, Celina Oster ’21 has been learning how to effect change through the legislative process.
Shannon McBride / October 28, 2021
While working at the King’s Garden, fourth-year student Blessing Oluloto not only learned how to grow food, but saw how God works through service to others.
Nathan Reid-Welford / March 22, 2021
Finding direction for today in the wisdom of Abraham Kuyper.
Andrea Reynolds / October 18, 2019
Honours history and political science major Joshua Hautala is bringing his Christian faith to the public square as he works towards a career in politics and law.
Lindsay Barden / October 18, 2019
Senior students Daniel Zekveld '19 and Johanna Wolfert '19 share how their experiences in the Laurentian Leadership Centre program shaped them spiritually.
Lindsay Barden / March 11, 2019
International Studies student Sydney Sequillion ’18 completed an internship at Habitat for Humanity in her Kingston hometown.
Mary Ann Benjamins / October 6, 2017
Alumni John-David Alkema ‘97 and Colin deRaaf ‘03 attribute their passion for working with the Christian Labour Association of Canada to their Redeemer experiences
Dan Galenkamp / July 18, 2017
Dr. Andrew Bennett’s evening address explores how Christian education shapes public voices
Dan Galenkamp / May 10, 2017
Dr. Robert Joustra on the Biblical roots of the United Nations.
Beth Van Lingen / February 2, 2016

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