Alumni Council

Redeemer alumni are represented and governed by an elected Alumni Council that abides by a Constitution and By-Laws. The Alumni Council acts in an advisory capacity and, together with Redeemer’s Director of Strategic Relations, they develop programs and opportunities for alumni to connect with each other, current students and the university in ways that are mutually beneficial.

Alumni Council Elections

Are you a proud Redeemer alum who wants to see Redeemer alumni engaged with Redeemer, and see Redeemer thrive for years to come? Apply to be on Alumni Council!

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You can also nominate someone for Alumni Council who you think would be a great voice for alumni and Redeemer.

Nominate Someone

Every spring, alumni will have the chance to vote for new Alumni Council members to represent them. Council elections go live May 15 and last until May 31. If there are the same number of available positions as there are candidates a vote of acclamation by the Council will take place instead.

Current Members

Meet Redeemer’s Alumni Council! You can get in contact with them by emailing

Leanna Nightingale — President (’18)

Leanna graduated Redeemer in 2018 with a double major in business and psychology. She is currently working at Cardus as a Development Officer in Hamilton. Leanna discovered Redeemer by going to a siblings weekend when her older sister attended and fell in love with the community atmosphere that Redeemer is so good at creating. After she graduated, she wanted to stay connected and Alumni Council was a perfect opportunity to do so. Leanna believes Redeemer graduates are a part of a large network of people who are changing the world around them and wanted to be involved in supporting this network as they go out and bring change.
Committees: Distinguished Alumni Award; Reunions & Events; Alumni Giving

Nick Janssen — Vice President (’12)

Nick Janssen graduated from Redeemer in 2012 with honours business accounting. He and his wife, Amy ’12, have three children: Dan, Hannah and Levi. Nick is currently working as partner at Danyliw & Mann Professional Corporation in Burlington, ON. He is passionate that RU will be relevant for many years to come.
Committees: Distinguished Alumni Award; Alumni Giving


Luke McKee — Secretary (’14)

Luke graduated from Redeemer in 2014 with Political Science, Humanities and English majors. He currently works as a freelance video and film producer where he often travels to capture inspiring and authentic stories from around the world to share with Canadians. Luke is passionate about being on Alumni Council so that he can continue to be involved in a way that further grows the experience of both students and alumni members.
Committee: Student Awards

Members at Large

Danica Thomsen — Member at large (’15)

Danica graduated from Redeemer in 2015 with a Phys Ed major, Religion minor, and B Ed. She lives in Ottawa with her husband, John, and her cat. While at Redeemer she participated in Varsity Cross-Country and Student Senate. She is currently working as a supply teacher and loving it.
Committee: Student Awards

Aren Plante — Member at large (’19)

Aren graduated from Redeemer in 2019 with his B.A. (Hon.) in History and Political Science. While at Redeemer, he served as an academic senator, worked as a teaching assistant, and participated in a study abroad program at Oxford University. Aren recently completed his Master of Public Administration in Local Government from the University of Western. Aren grew up in Haldimand County and has had the opportunity to travel to over 40 countries around the world.
Committee: Alumni Giving

Jessica Mostert-Thiessen — Member at large (’17)

Jessica graduated from Redeemer in 2017 with majors in Psychology and Sociology/Social Work. She lives in Alymer with her husband Nico. She works as a Child and Youth Counselor and Special Projects Coordinator. Jessica was a student at Redeemer from 2013-2017 and during that time she thoroughly engaged with the culture and activities at Redeemer. She was on Student Senate for three years, including one year as president. Since leaving Redeemer, Jessica also served on the Presidential Search committee and has been engaged in various events and as a guest visitor to a social work class. Jessica is excited to continue to serve Redeemer with her gifts, time and abilities.
Committee: Reunions & Events

Steven Schilstra – Member at Large (‘08)

Steven graduated from Redeemer in 2008 with an honours major in Religion & Theology and a minor in Business. After Redeemer, he completed the apprenticeship program at Mohawk College and received a Red Seal in carpentry. He lives in Hamilton with his wife Evelyn and daughter Ellie and currently works as a Realtor with RE/MAX Escarpment Realty in Hamilton and Niagara. Steven’s time at Redeemer was an incredible time of growth in faith and knowledge and he developed many friendships and deep connections that have lasted to this day. He started out as a business major but soon switched gears after taking the core Religion classes. He became passionate about worldview and deepening his understanding of the Christian faith. Redeemer has given Steven a Biblical framework that helps and encourages him to live out his faith. He is thankful for what Redeemer has given him, proud to be alumni, and looks forward to having a positive impact on his fellow alumni by helping and encouraging them to stay engaged with Redeemer.
Committee: Alumni Giving

Kristin Zekveld – Member at Large (‘17)

Kristin graduated from Redeemer in 2017 with a major in History, a minor in Music and a B.Ed. She is a teacher who lives in Bolton. She says that Christian education on all levels is very near and dear to her heart.  Christian Higher Education is foundational for the future of the Church and the future of  our country and the world.  She wishes to be instrumental in continuing to serve in God’s kingdom so that it may continue to spread throughout the world through the graduates of Redeemer. Kristin knows that Redeemer has positively impacted her in her Christian journey and she wants to continue to assist in Redeemer’s positive impact on the Christian journey of many others.
Committee: Reunions & Events

Alison Nirula — Student Senate representative (non-voting)

As the current Vice President of Student Affairs, Alison is representing current Redeemer students and bringing their voice to the table. Alison is a second-year International Studies student.

Christine Giancola — Institutional representative (non-voting)

Christine graduated from Redeemer in 2009 with a B.A. in political science and psychology. Additionally, she studied at the Laurentian Leadership Centre in 2009, and Royal Roads University and earned an M.A. in Conflict Analysis & Management in 2015. Christine is the Director of Strategic Relations at Redeemer, and currently leads the institutional portfolios of alumni, church, parent, community, and government relations. She is excited to help connect alumni who love Redeemer to the institution in meaningful ways.

Relevant Documents

Redeemer Alumni Association Constitution and Bylaws
Appendix A – Alumni Council Commitment Statement