Trashing Mountains
Fuelled by a six-week residency at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Phil Irish’s latest exhibition, mount pile, explores the natural and artificial summits of the world.
Are Christians Ready for the Digital Age?
Dr. David Zietsma examines how Christians are engaging with society's digital revolution
Singing into Missions
Modern hymn composer and recording artist Keith Getty talks worship as a call to mission in Hamilton worship leaders workshop.
A Bedrock of Faith
A message from Redeemer's interim President.
A Campaign for 2020
While remaining rooted in the Reformed Christian tradition through a Christ-centred liberal arts and sciences education, Redeemer is executing a vital plan of renewal.
Worldview in the Classroom
Redeemer education alumni talk faith in the public, independent, Aboriginal and international classroom.
Celebrating Canada’s Faith Communities Through Writing
Doug Sikkema ‘06 and Dr. Deborah Bowen spearhead the Ross and Davis Mitchell Prize for Faith and Writing
Celebrating the Class of 2020
Redeemer sees increased enrolment with incoming class, the first year-over-year increase in four years.
Welcome to Resound: Making Waves
Welcome to Resound—Redeemer’s new multichannel, content-sharing platform.
Leadership, Faith and Courage
Redeemer community commemorates founding president Rev. Henry De Bolster
A Wildly Ambitious Endeavour of Faith
Reflections from President Krygsman
Local and Global Renewal
Alumnus Hank de Jong establishes EduDeo Campus 621 in the heart of Hamilton’s neighbourhood revitalization
New Core curriculum launches
The Core has been honed to prepare students to thrive in a rapidly changing world
Digitizing History
Students contribute to making history accessible on the web
A Summer of Research
Redeemer’s talented sciences students gain hands-on experience through faculty grant opportunities
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