Following God’s Path
Hayley Blackwell ’15 was called to the bar in June and is beginning a new role as a civil litigation lawyer in Hamilton.
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November 7, 2023

For Hayley Blackwell ’15, discerning God’s calling for her career wasn’t always obvious. After majoring in business and international studies at Redeemer, one of her professors encouraged her to apply for a position at Cardus, a non-partisan Christian think tank. After graduation, she gained full-time employment there, worked in a number of different positions and eventually found herself in fundraising. She soon realized fundraising was not what she was created to do.

Reflecting on what might be the next step in her career, Blackwell was reminded of how, at seven years old, she had wanted to be a lawyer, but at the time her parents had discouraged her because they felt all the painful injustices in the world would be overwhelming. While considering her next steps, she was reminded of this childhood dream. “I’d like to think I’ve matured a lot since I was seven,” she said. “And yes, there is injustice in this world, but I’d rather be a part of improving that rather than just letting it be or exacerbating it.”

In practicing civil litigation, Blackwell sees herself as a contributor to a just society, even if it isn’t the more obvious justice-seeking that happens in criminal law.

“We as a society are all playing by a set of rules … Sometimes those rules can be complicated, sometimes they entitle us to things we don’t always know how to access. What attracts me to the role is being in a position to help people understand their place in society, how those rules affect their lives and how they can adhere to them in a way that puts them in the best position they can be in.”

Since taking the LSAT exam, Blackwell has felt God’s hand on her life every step of the way. After completing an internship at Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC), she was accepted into law school at Western University and moved to London. “God’s hand on our path forward has been really evident, which has been really neat to see.”

“Law school teaches you how to think about the law; Redeemer taught me how to think about the world.”

Blackwell was called to the bar in June and recently accepted a position with a law firm in Hamilton. She credits Redeemer with teaching her how to think critically and reflecting what she was learning. “Law school teaches you how to think about the law; Redeemer taught me how to think about the world.

“My goal and my intention is to have my faith be the foundation of what I do … knowing that I don’t do it for my own benefit, or even necessarily just for the benefit of my client, but I’m called to do it for a higher purpose, for the glory of God. That’s really humbling and encouraging.”

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