Tomorrow’s Christian Health-Care Leaders
With pre-medicine and professional streams, the Health Sciences program is preparing students for the ever-expanding health-care field.
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March 10, 2017

Whether students hope to graduate ready to perform emergency surgery; tend to patients at their bedside; help babies to be born; or craft policies for health reform, Redeemer’s Health Sciences program is the starting point for the next generation of Christian health-care professionals. The Health Sciences program provides each student with a broad foundation in biology, chemistry and psychology, and prepares each student to serve God and His kingdom through their calling within the health field.

“We are helping to mold and empower the Christian scientific leaders of tomorrow.”

In this way, the program’s students move beyond an understanding of the behaviours and interventions typically used to impact health. They go further: understanding the importance of social policy, learning how to monitor diseases within populations and even wrestling with the newest advances in health research and with health care’s unique ethical issues. By digging deeply into these topics with students, we are helping to mold and empower the Christian scientific leaders of tomorrow.

At Redeemer, we understand that students have unique aspirations in the ever-expanding health field. Our goal is to prepare students for all the possibilities of what comes next. With this in mind, we have created two distinct streams within the Health Sciences honours program: the Pre-Medicine stream and the Professional stream.

The Pre-Medicine stream prepares students for medical, veterinary, dentistry or pharmacology careers, with a strong foundation in all topics covered by the new format of the MCAT. The stream also gives students a wide understanding of the medical field’s ethical and social issues. This understanding is critical for students’ medical school applications, and it shapes students into thoughtful, effective doctors.

The Professional stream, on the other hand, seeks to serve students oriented towards nursing, midwifery, physical therapy, lab technology and more. With a minor in psychology, these students will be grounded in the biological, mental and spiritual aspects of health.

Though these new streams are uniquely preparing students for their individual career goals, both are firmly rooted in a solid Christian worldview and in the biological, societal and ethical aspects of the health sciences.

These new streams, real-world experience and Redeemer’s Core liberal arts education all give our students an edge. As they move forward into these highly competitive fields, our students are ready to serve our Saviour in an increasingly secular world.

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