Dr. Madhur Anand, professor of ecology at the University of Guelph, reads from her latest book of poetry at Redeemer.
Elise Arsenault / February 2, 2017
Redeemer is on the frontlines of an international movement to produce research from a Christian perspective.
Marie Versteeg / December 15, 2016
Dr. Kevin Flatt and Dr. Stephanie Burgoyne take part in a new study that shows the role theology plays in the growth and decline of Canadian churches
Beth Van Lingen / December 1, 2016
How an ordinary 12th century woman ruffled feathers by following Jesus, and inspires us to do the same
Beth Van Lingen / November 28, 2016
Redeemer’s Beyond Worldview lecture series asked what faith has to say about first-person shooter video games and zombie apocalypses.
Beth Van Lingen / November 8, 2016
Dr. Kevin Schut investigates the intersection of faith with the guts and gore of video games.
Dan Galenkamp / November 8, 2016
Dr. James K. A. Smith’s keynote, drawn from his book "You Are What You Love", challenges us to learn to love through habit.
Dan Galenkamp / November 8, 2016
Philosophy professor travels to Northern Ireland to learn more about the influential Christian thinker
Dan Galenkamp / October 18, 2016
Redeemer faculty bring Christian influence to bear on sexual violence on campus, apocalyptic literature, and pollution in local watersheds
Beth Van Lingen / October 1, 2016
The Core has been honed to prepare students to thrive in a rapidly changing world
Dan Galenkamp / October 1, 2016
Dr. Lindsey Short is exploring how experience shapes our impressions of the hundreds of faces we see every day
Lindsey Short / October 1, 2016
Redeemer’s talented sciences students gain hands-on experience through faculty grant opportunities
Beth Van Lingen / October 1, 2016
2016 Emerging Public Intellectual Award recipient uses art history and today's visual culture to tell sacred stories
Dan Galenkamp / October 1, 2016
NSERC Discovery Grants to be invested in original research in the natural sciences and mathematics
Beth Van Lingen / October 1, 2016
Dr. Edward Berkelaar and Dr. Darren Brouwer will monitor pollution in Hamilton watersheds with funding from a second Zylstra grant.
Marie Versteeg / September 30, 2016

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