Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes alumni who have made significant contributions in their field of enterprise, while demonstrating Christian commitment in their work and the community. The inaugural award was presented in 2014.

Nomination Form

If you know a Redeemer alum who should be recognized with this award, please complete a nomination form! Please provide as much detail as possible on the nomination form so that the Selection Committee receives a complete picture of the nominee’s impact and influence.

Nominate an Alum


The Distinguished Alumni Award is an annual method of formally recognizing and celebrating the achievements of one of Redeemer’s alumni in the broader community. The award supports the Redeemer Alumni Association’s (RAA) mission of building relationships that foster community by celebrating how alumni are living out this mission and fits well with the RAA’s vision statement:

  • The RAA seeks to establish a community of engaged alumni and students in pursuit of expanding their knowledge, academia and community, through programs such as the Distinguished Alumni Award, Alumni Award Fund and sharing their stories.


  • The Distinguished Alumni Award will be presented to an alum who has made significant contributions in his or her field of enterprise, while demonstrating Christian commitment in his or her work and the community.
  • All Redeemer University College alumni are eligible, except current employees of Redeemer or current members of the Board of Governors, Alumni Council or Academic Senate.

Selection Process

  • The Alumni Council will solicit nominations from the Alumni Association, Redeemer faculty and staff, and the broader Redeemer community.
  • Upon receiving nominations, the Selection Committee (two faculty members appointed by the institution and two members of the Alumni Council) will select the top 3 candidates, and invite them to submit a 1 page description of their accomplishments in their field of work, and how they are living out their Christian commitment in their field of work and their community.
  • The top candidate will be presented to the Alumni Council for the final decision.
  • The Selection Committee will give preference to nominees who have been members of the Alumni Association for at least ten years.
  • One alum will be selected to receive the award each year, unless the Selection Committee deems none of the nominees in a given year suitable.
  • If no nominee is deemed suitable, the Alumni Council can vote to pull previous nominations, and select a suitable candidate or choose not to present the award for that year.


  • Nominations for the award will be solicited from March 1 to April 13 and the Alumni Council will make a decision by May 31.
  • The award will be presented with a reception in the fall.

Presentation of the Award

  • Each year, the recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award will receive a plaque and public acknowledgement at a reception in their honour in the fall.

Form of the Award

The award will include a plaque which hangs in the lobby of Redeemer, as well as a keepsake plaque for the recipient.

2017 Distinguished Alumni Award – Hank de Jong ’99
2016 Distinguished Alumni Award – Ed Bosveld ’92
2015 Distinguished Alumni Award – Annie Ling ’07

2014 Distinguished Alumni Award – Graham Cubitt ’01