Educating the Next
Generation of Teachers.

Educating the Next Generation of Teachers.

Rooted in the Reformed Christian liberal arts and sciences tradition, the School of Education equips educators who are faithful to their vocation, effective in their service of learners, reflective in their practice, and who aspire to fulfill the ethical and professional standards of the teaching profession.

Redeemer's Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) program is an accredited second degree program that prepares you for a career in education. Our holistic perspective on learners enables candidates to consider the spiritual, cognitive, physical, and emotional aspects of what it means to teach and learn. Our modest-sized cohorts enable candidates to develop within a supportive context in which they are truly known by their classmates and their professors.

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The School of Education’s program of teacher education is accredited by the Ontario College of Teachers. Teacher candidates will be recommended for certification upon successful completion of the program.

Education Divisions
The School of Education offers two basic qualifications.
The school of Education’s
Areas of Distinction
Christian Worldview
Redeemer’s Christian worldview permeates the program of teacher education.

Redeemer professes a belief and a gratitude towards the Creator who made all that there is, and who loved the world so much that he redeemed it through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Collaborative Learning Community
Learn from and with each other.

We place a high value on getting to know our candidates in ways that enable us all to learn from and with each other. Our modest cohort sizes and our collaborative and relational pedagogy serve to bring us together as we navigate our way into the world of education.

Learning Focused
Education is about learning.

The School of Education focusses on the joy of learning both through the experiences of students in the classroom and the teachers as they learn how best to enhance the learning of their students through the study of education, careful and creative planning, and reflection on action in the field.

The School of Education seeks to provide teacher education for faithful, effective, reflective professional practice. We teach from the perspective and faith that there is nothing that can be learned that is not God-breathed. We teach from a perspective that situates us in the biblical story.


Creating a Culture of Self Care for Educators

Dr. Sean Schat discusses how leaders and organizations can support educators with self-care practices in his recently published book chapter.

News Schools, New Opportunities

The 2021-22 academic year brought the launch of the new School of Education and School of Business to Redeemer.

Food: The Universal Language and Longing

Elizabeth VanVeen ’13 shares her journey from working as a literature teacher to a programme policy officer with the United Nations World Food Programme.

Reflecting a Complex God

Dr. Terry Loerts, associate professor of education, is exploring a multiliteracies pedagogy, the concept of using a range of media, modes and perspectives in teaching...

Instilling Awe and Wonder

Two Redeemer alumni share their experiences with classical education through teaching positions at Oak Hill Academy in Ancaster.

Transformative Care in the Classroom

Dr. Sean Schat, assistant professor of education, advocates the necessity of educational care for students and teachers alike.

Advancing Inclusive Classrooms

Dr. Kimberly Maich ’93, Redeemer’s 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient, is making an impact on special education and the experiences of students with Autism...

Program Preview: Education

Students becoming teachers

Learning a New Literacy

Dr. Christina Belcher, Professor and Chair of the Department of Education, provides an update on her research and exploration of visual literacy with Redeemer's B.Ed....

The Redeemer Education program has prepared me for teaching in ways that I could have never imagined. Redeemer taught me how to create an environment of care and hospitality in my classroom as a teacher. As a new teacher, being equipped with strategies of how to create a welcoming, positive atmosphere helped me immensely in not only my own growth, but also for the students in my classrooms for future years to come.
Brad Bowen ‘20
Teacher, John Knox Christian
Oakville, ON
It has been a pleasure and privilege working in partnership with Redeemer University’s Teacher Candidate Program. Staff representatives have always been collaborative, ensuring that processes are clearly communicated. The teacher candidates themselves have been exemplary. Our past experiences with these young professionals have always been successful. Teacher hosts have always reported that the candidates are respectful, committed, dedicated and enthusiastic while demonstrating a thorough understanding and knowledge of current research that is grounded in highly effective pedagogical practice. We are grateful for our working relationship with Redeemer and look forward to continuing this partnership into the future.
Dean Younger
Principal, St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Elementary School
Waterdown, ON
Redeemer's Bachelor of Education program not only prepared me academically to cover the curriculum well, but it also prepared me to be human with my students. We are often so focused on teaching the curriculum and ensuring everything is covered at the expense of our student's joy and love of learning. At Redeemer I was able to see that we can still cover everything we need to, but it is important to get to know your students and have that human side to teaching. I am human and I make mistakes, I want my students to see that, to be able to help me figure things out when I do not know what to do. This allows them to learn life skills, but to also be a part of their own learning. At Redeemer, learning was collaborative and human, I want to do the same with my future students.
Dana Tucci ‘22
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