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Quick facts
of students receive financial aid to make school more affordable
Requests for Information responded to
in financial aid is available through various programs and organizations
short weeks needed to turn an application for admission into acceptance
ratio of prospective students to dedicated admissions counsellors
Quick facts
days of practicum ensures all students are well equipped to teach in the classroom upon graduation
per year in January and May we accept new students into the Education program
of the graduating class of 2018 found employment in the teaching field within 6 months
person cap means smaller class sizes and a dedicated faculty who are there when you need them
ratio of prospective education students to dedicated admissions counsellors
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Stay on track! Follow these three steps to finish your application and become a student at Redeemer.

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  • Visit campus or set up a meeting with your admissions counsellor to have your questions answered.
  • Visit campus or set up a meeting with your admissions counsellor to have your questions answered.

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  • Submit your completed application. It's free to apply until January 31 (after which it's $40).* *For North American applicants only
  • Submit any additional application materials, as listed on your application portal
  • Request your transcripts to be sent to Redeemer's Admission Office
  • Submit your completed application and pay the $80 application fee
  • Request your transcripts to be sent to Redeemer's Admission Office
  • Have two references fill in the online form on your behalf

Accept your offer

Interview and offers

  • Accept your offer (Congrats!)
  • Apply for financial aid
  • Apply for housing
  • Attend the interview with the Teacher Interview Committee
  • Accept offer of admission
  • Register for courses

The Redeemer community is a place where young men and women who seek to be shaped by the good news of the gospel, choose to live and learn in a community that is committed to glorify Christ in all things. Faculty, staff and students seek to honour Christ, wherever they are called.

If Redeemer seems like a good fit for you, we encourage you to take the first step of starting an application. When you join RU, you're joining a community whose impact resounds in our culture and across the world.

Deeply rooted in a Christian worldview, and mentored by expert faculty that care about you as an individual, you will be prepared for future careers in a wide variety of schools, including Public, Catholic, and independent Christian schools.

Accredited by the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT), a degree from Redeemer will prepare you to teach at the primary, junior, and/or intermediate levels.

Marks of a Successful
Redeemer Candidate:

Marks of a Successful
Education Program Candidate:

  • academic performance
  • strength and quality of character
  • demonstrated leadership and service
  • academic performance
  • experience in working with children
  • passion for teaching and education
  • strong recommendations

New friendships, priceless memories, spiritual growth, character formation and your future career await.

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