New Core Curriculum


Every square inch of this earth belongs to God — which means all of it matters. Redeemer’s new Core curriculum is rooted in this interconnectedness. The new Core maintains the interdisciplinarity of the liberal arts and science program, addresses today’s digital and globalized world and places Christ at the centre of the students’ learning experience.

The Core is a set of ten interdisciplinary courses that every student takes, organized around four key outcomes for students: discover your world, transform your mind, deepen your faith and find your calling. Courses like “Being and Knowing in the Digital Age” and “The Drama of Scripture” help students to situate their place in God’s world, while a culminating fourth-year capstone project challenges each student to develop skills in innovation, problem-solving, teamwork and project management.


Initiative Progress

Fully Funded
“In the Core course, ‘The Drama of Scripture’, we take what the students have learned about the Biblical story and ask them how the Bible’s worldview shape academic disciplines and life in general. Students are discovering a Christian approach to their chosen disciplines and future vocations. It’s exciting to see them grasp the big picture.”

Dr. David Beldman

Assistant Professor of Religion and Theology


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New Core curriculum launches

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