New Media and Communication Studies Program


In a hyper-mediated world where digital technology and media are increasingly linked, the world needs Christians who are equipped to engage, critique and create.  

Redeemer’s new Media and Communication Studies program blends philosophical understanding with practical application. Through streams in Culture and Media and Digital Media and Production, students will be prepared to contribute to media with integrity in a variety of settings. 

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"The Old Testament prophets said that we should attend to the cry of the orphan, the widow, the dispossessed, the prisoner, but, in Jesus, that cry has become the cry of God himself. And in these cries we dare to hear the voice of God calling us to resist the temptation to make these people into our own Western, middle-class, Canadian image. The practice of listening to voices unlike our own is central to creating media with a Christian voice.”

Dr. Naaman Wood

Assistant Professor of Media and Communication Studies


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Creating a Christian voice in media

New Media and Communication Studies program explores our interconnected world

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