The best way to understand the financial aid options that are available to you is to complete the awards and financial aid applications. Final award decisions for new students are usually confirmed by mid-April. 

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New Students

The financial aid application for incoming students is now open!

As a new incoming student for the 2020-2021 academic year, the application for financial assistance will be available through your application portal.

Please note that you will first need to submit your application for admission before you are able to access the financial aid application on your portal.

Submit your financial aid application before February 29, 2020 for maximum consideration.

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Returning Students

The application for returning student awards and financial aid for the 2020-2021 school year is now open!

► Deadline to apply is January 31st

Notes & Instructions
​1. The deadline to apply has been moved up!  Please pay attention to the new submission deadline: January 31st.  Don’t wait until the last minute!  Set a calendar reminder for after exams are over and take some time over the Christmas holidays to get started on application statements, etc.

2. You will need to register as a new user with your Redeemer email address the first time you access the site.

3. Your application data will save as you work on the application.  You can save and exit the application at any time, and return to complete it.

4. Some awards have been grouped together for ease of application.  However, all available named awards for returning students are accounted for on this application form – so don’t panic if you don’t see a specific award name listed.

Submit your financial aid application before January 31, 2020 for maximum consideration.

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On-Campus Employment

All students, both incoming and returning, can apply for an on-campus job.  To qualify, you will also need to have filled in the financial aid application above.  Placements for on-campus employment are made in August.

On-Campus Employment Application