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Redeemer Mission Fund

  • Redeemer Mission Fund
  • Tuition Reduction
  • Student Awards, Scholarships & Bursaries
  • Campus Renewal
  • Integration of Reformed Christian Worldview
  • Ensuring Student Success
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Construction is progressing on the new residence and learning facility.
Ways to direct your gift

Redeemer Mission

For donors who wish to contribute to the success of Redeemer University and allow their generous donations to be applied to areas of need in the current year.

Tuition Reduction

Deeply committed to the future of Christian higher education and supported by generous donors, Redeemer University reduced its tuition by 42 per cent for Canadian undergraduate students.

Student Awards, Scholarships & Bursaries

Generous donors can provide financial aid for students by supporting both scholarships (merit-based) and bursaries (based on financial need).

Campus Renewal

As enrollment continues to increase, the need to refresh and renew our campus is critical. Along with the opening of the new residence and learning facility, Redeemer is building new roads, parking lots and bike paths to support our growing student population.

Integration of Reformed Christian Worldview

Enhancing the integration and translation of the Reformed worldview across the curriculum and campus life will deepen faith formation, elevate worship and better prepare students to exercise their God-given talents and abilities.

Ensuring Student Success

Redeemer will prepare students to be innovative, collaborative and problem-solving critical thinkers. These skills will enable them to follow their callings into all areas of life.

Why Give?

Because students, faculty and alumni are making an impact that resounds in our culture and across the world.

God is doing powerful, transformative work in the lives of students on campus. Your gift in support of Redeemer will make a difference in the lives of young people who chose the Christ-centred education offered here.

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Quick facts
of the cost of educating a Redeemer student is covered by donations
of Redeemer students receive a scholarship or bursary to assist with their tuition
of Redeemer’s operating budget is funded by donations
thank you cards were written by students during Gratitude Week
infrastructure projects funded in the last 10 years through donations

It’s an exciting time for Redeemer students. We are committed to investing in a vibrant academic and spiritual campus experience that prepares them to make a difference in the world.

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Gratitude Week is a way for students, faculty and staff to say “Thanks” to those who come alongside Redeemer to support us financially. This week highlights the contributions that have been made so students can better afford a Christian university education.

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