A survey of American history from the colonial period to the present. Special emphasis will be given to the colonies as transplanted European societies, their transformation into a nation through revolution and constitution-building, the crisis of the Civil War, and the development of the United States into a modern urban-industrial democracy and 20th century global power.
A World at War: The Turbulent Twentieth Century
This course introduces the major events of the twentieth century, with an emphasis on global trends and the global dimensions of international conflicts and cooperation. Topics include World War I; the rise of dictators; World War II; the Cold War; decolonization and the emergence of the ‘Third World’; cultural revolutions of the 1960s and 1970s; trade, development, and terrorism; and the global resurgence of religion.
A World at War: The Turbulent Twentieth Century (HIS‑108);
Western Culture & Tradition II
This course traces the development of Western culture from 1500 to the present through history, philosophy, literature, science, and the fine arts.
Western Culture & Tradition II (HUM‑120); HUM-120 or HIS-108

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