Wednesday March 21, 2018 - Saturday March 24, 2018

On campus in the Auditorium

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By the 1830s, the once dramatic worship of the Pleasant Hill, Kentucky Shaker community has settled in an ordered routine. That is, until newcomer Fanny sees angels in the meadow. Soon all the young women are receiving seeming spiritual gifts of songs and artistry. Is this a resurgence of the original Shaker celebration or something manufactured by Fanny so that she can remain with the Shakers?

Learn about the contours of a sheltered faith community in the 19th century with As It Is In Heaven, the latest mainstage play from Redeemer. Hymns sung a cappella punctuate the scenes of the play, building to a joyful crescendo of Shaker singing and ecstatic dance. The play, acted by nine women, is written by Arlene Hutton and directed by Prof. Raymond Louter.

Show runs from March 21 to 24, with an evening opening on the Wednesday, a matinee on Thursday and evening shows on Friday and Saturday.

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