Friday March 29, 2019

Art Gallery

Four of Redeemer’s senior art students will exhibit a semester’s worth of artwork in part one of the final exhibition of the academic year.

The exhibition opening will be on March 29th from 7:00-9:00 p.m. All are welcome!


Simone Bos: Nations Be Glad

There is a wild freedom blowing through the island pines on the northern Canadian lakes, rising in the mist of the dark lake in the early hours. A simple and perhaps blurry photograph of earthy greens and weightless blues is transformed into loose graphic swirls and splashes of energetic purples, teals and yellows. Inspiration drawn from the art of the Creator forms a reality of the same intensity.


Kamaria Quinn: Like Trees Walking

Kamaria Quinn enjoys working with paper as a medium. She finds it is full of surprises and very beautiful; through cutting, glueing and shaping it can be turned into elegant, complex and fragile, flowing sculptures of white foliage, human figures, and other natural elements coloured with light. It also allows for a deeper contemplation of the conceptual ideas behind the images created, being removed from the vast history of traditional mediums such as paint. The ideas behind the images Kamaria makes are just as important to her as the perceived beauty or skill of the final art piece. She wants people to reflect on more than just what is before them and around them, like trees, people or art. We may think they are easily understood in a glance but there are always more layers to peel back and marvel at what we have discovered. We see a tree as bark and branches, but it is also a vast and intricate root system beneath the surface we stand on, and the original, baby tree encased in the very middle of the rings of its years of existence. We see a person act but never understand the intricacy of the thoughts, wagers, passions and sacrifices that influenced that action. Just as there is a finished piece of art and there was an idea that first sparked the decision to create that piece of art.


Lori Peterson: Strength From Scars

While meditating on the passage of Ephesians 6:16-24, Lori was inspired to ask, “do we ever wrestle with the unseen?” The theme of wrestling and fighting in her concept allows the viewer to ask, “What do we really wrestle with in our lives?” Better yet, what do you really wrestle with in your life? Working with oils is Lori’s favourite medium due to the constant ability to mix paints rapidly yet be able to produce vibrant, dark and apathetic tones to match any concept. Lori wants viewers to ponder what it means to view life beyond our physical self-driven world. Often we focus on the outward, whether in appearance or actions, we rarely contemplate what we would see if the curtains were drawn back. We believe that it is what we can see with our eyes that we fight against but it is what we cannot see that often poses a greater threat to us. Faces we see but hearts we do not know. Lori wants to convey what it would be like if the unseen were to become what was viewed on a daily basis. Would our perspective of what we wrestle change or remain the same?


Brooklyn Millar: The Story of Scripture

“What is the story of scripture? How do I apply scripture to my own life? How does my life reflect the message of scripture and carry out its mission?” Brooklyn is exploring the answers to these questions through the making of this series. She is most interested in expressing the different acts of scripture (as described in Craig G. Bartholomew and Michael W. Goheen’s book, The Drama of Scripture) in an abstract form – allowing her own personal experience and expression to become part of the story.